If The Zodiac Signs Were Dogs
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If The Zodiac Signs Were Dogs

Because dogs are cuter than fish and horns

If The Zodiac Signs Were Dogs

Zodiac signs determine your personality simply by reading the stars you were born under. They tell you how you are supposed to be, who you are compatible with, and your likes and dislikes. Some signs are more responsible and self-disciplined, while others are cooperative and diplomatic. What the stars don't tell you is what kind of dog you would be based off your zodiac traits, which is a shame because that would be way more cute. Read on to trade your zodiac label for some dog tags.

1. Aquarius: Basenji

Once an Aquarius, now a basenji. You are quiet, independent, and aloof, but still energetic around people (or dogs) you love. Avoid dog parks so you don't have to put up with yappy breeds. Your best colors are blue, grey, and black, which look fabulous against your tan and white fur.

Would play fetch with: Golden Retriever, Papillon

2. Pieces: Bullmastiff

Forget fish, you are now a bullmastiff. Like these gentle giants, you are compassionate and intuitive. You also like being alone and sleeping, and who can blame you for that?

Would nap in the sun with: Manchester Terrier, Chinese Shar Pei

3. Aries: German Shorthaired Pointer

Like the spotted German Shorthaired Pointer, you are courageous, determined, and confident. Sometimes you are a little impatient and impulsive, but that is only because you have so many activities to complete each day.

Would chase squirrels with: Collie, Alaskan Malamute

4. Taurus: Great Dane

Trade your horns for ears that stand straight up! Once a Taurus, now a great dane. Like this breed, you are patient, friendly, and dependable. You also enjoy working and being outdoors.Your colors are pink, green, and blue, all of which pop against your black fur.

Would share a treat with: Australian Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier

5. Gemini: Golden Retriver

Like Goldie, TU's mascot, you are smart, affectionate, and gentle. Just like golden retrievers, you love being around people and adapt quickly to new places and ideas. You are well-mannered and kind, and detest isolation.

Would cheer on the Hurricane with: Papillon, Basenji

6. Cancer: Manchester Terrier

Like these little dogs, you are tenacious yet playful. You are energetic and loyal to the people you love. People might think you are aggressive, but your imaginative nature and energy are to blame.

Would chase cats with: Bullmastiff, Chinese Shar Pei

7. Leo: Collie

You are hard working, loyal, friendly, and cheerful, making you a collie. You hate being ignored and prefer to be with friends, just like these strong dogs.

Would go to the dog park with: German Shorthaired Pointer, Alaskan Malamute

8. Virgo: Australian Shepherd

Though you are a little shy sometimes, you are very hard-working and loyal, just like Australian shepherds. Just like this herding dog, you work too much, so remember to take a break every now and then!

Best Matches: Jack Russell Terrier and Great Dane

9. Libra: Papillon

Just like these dogs, you are cooperative, dependable and social. You are sometimes indecisive, but that's okay, people love you anyways!

Would roll over with: Basenji, Golden Retriever

10. Scorpio: Chinese Shar Pei

You are stubborn, brave and loyal all in one package, just like the Chinese Shar Pei. You have a passion for whatever you do, or chase, and you love making long time friends.

Would hang head out window with: Bullmastiff, Manchester Terrier

11: Sagittarius: Alaskan Malamute

You enjoy the outdoors and all the freedom that comes with it. Like the Alaskan malamute, you like your person, but can be somewhat distant, especially towards clingy people.

Would lick people with: German Shorthaired Pointer, Collie

12: Capricorn: Jack Russell Terrier

Like the jack russell terrier, you are independent and stubborn, yet hardworking and loyal. You love your family and discipline, and are not satisfied until the job is finished.

Would bite the mailman with: Great Dane, Australian Shepherd

Reading the stars is fun, but looking at puppies is definitely way more cute! Go find your perfect match and play fetch!

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