If 'Supernatural' Characters Were Ice Cream Flavors
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If 'Supernatural' Characters Were Ice Cream Flavors

Supernaturally Beautiful Ice Cream Flavors

If 'Supernatural' Characters Were Ice Cream Flavors
The CW

If "Supernatural" characters were ice cream flavors in beautiful ice cream tubs, which flavor would you choose? Why is that? Are you vanilla or more of a mint chocolate chip fan? Do you prefer sweet and salty? Chocolate? Do you like ice cream with cookie dough? Here's some sugar for thought, and what the Supernatural characters they could represent.

1. Charlie Bradbury = "Vanilla"

Charlie is considered the "good nerd," maybe a little basic, but she isn't afraid to beat some ass. She appreciates good quality and honesty. She is not an anxious or stressed out person – she just simply finds peace and makes the best out of every day. Is she into some exotic stuff? Sure, but has that ever done anyone any harm? Strive to be the vanilla ice cream person, people.

P.S. Charlie didn't deserve to die.

2. Lucifer = "Catching Fire"

This... terrifying ice cream comes from a place called "The Ice Cream Store" in Delaware. This piece of work according to delish.com is Hunger Games inspired. But, when Supernatural lovers see the evil little twist on the top of this treat- an actual real life a scorpion. Yes, you see right, a frickin' scorpion! Now, I don't know about the rest of my Supernatural family, but this flavor just screams Lucifer. Lucifer is a back stabbing (literally) devil (also literally)- hints the scorpion. But the comparison doesn't end there-oh no it doesn't-vanilla ice cream to inspire the fake kindness he portrays to the people he brainwashes to get what he wants, and then orange, mango swirls mixed with a little strawberry swirl to complete his evil schemes.scorpion! Now, I don't know about the rest of my Supernatural family, but this flavor just screams Lucifer. Lucifer is a backstabbing (literally) devil (also literally) — reflected by the scorpion. But the comparison doesn't end there — oh no, it doesn't — vanilla ice cream to inspire the fake kindness he portrays to the people he brainwashes to get what he wants, and then orange, mango swirls mixed with a little strawberry swirl to complete his evil schemes.

3. Rowena = "Red Hot Lover"

This spicy treat hails from Florida at a place called "Azlacar Ice Cream Company." This piece is hottie inspired and screams Rowena in all aspects of the idea. Rowena schemes her way through everything. Everything she does is so she can get something she wants. She likes to try to sugarcoat and make people believe she is there for them-hints the banana ice cream, but always comes back biting you in the ass and wanting something from you-hints the little "Red Hot" devil in her ways-pun intended.

Maybe there's a reason her and Lucifer teamed up?

4. Crowley = "Rocky Road"

This flavor is well known in North America-trust me-but this flavor originally hails from Australia. Crowley likes to act like he is this evil force, but he really is a sweetheart. He is loyal. He loves his Deanypoo! Yes, we know Crowley does have his way of manipulating people, but never his Winchester boys. Sam and Dean are Crowley's biggest weakness. He's weak and soft, but what's wrong with that? Rocky Road has the dark chocolate bitter taste Crowley has inside of him, but the marshmallows show the kindness and teddy bear he has inside of him also. He's defiantly a treat.

P.S. Crowley and Dean's bromance when Deanmon was real will forever be my favorite.

5. Castiel = "Angel's Tracks"

This beautiful ice cream flavor hails from a restaurant called "Almost Heaven" in Florida ran by Todd, Tami, and Matthew! Everyone fell in love with this awkward angel-just like I fell for the adorable home page this company used for their ice cream menu! Just like "Almost Heaven," Castiel is known for many of his nicknames — like "Asstiel" (given to him by Metatron), "Clarence" (given to him by Meg the demon), "Cas" (most people call him this), "Cassie," "Feathers," "Agent Beyoncé" and much more! Castiel taught us to love, loyalty, and faith. But nothing prepared us for the pain of beautiful ice cream and Castiel's death. This ice cream-much like Castiel is misunderstood, with actual Resse's Pieces, Oreo pieces, brownie pieces, and a hint of butterscotch mixed with vanilla ice cream is the most beautiful treat-just like Castiel! People look past the natural beauty.

"You know, this world, this sad, doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won't let any of you die. And I won't let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me, to everything." - Castiel to Mary, Dean, and Sam Winchester.

6. Bobby Singer= "Honey Jack and Coke"

If you ever watched Supernatural then you know that Bobby is a drinking man. Pretty much every time Bobby is on screen — he has some kind of alcohol in his hand. So, naturally, Bobby would have some kind of alcohol influenced ice cream! This ice cream defiantly has a "spice" to it, with Tennessee Jack Daniel's Honey alcohol-with honey drizzled over it- adds the perfect little twist and spice inside the beautiful, intelligent Bobby Singer. Bobby was loved dearly, and will forever be missed.

P.S. Supernatural writers and producers, if you're seeing this, I'm still mad at you for killing off Bobby. I won't ever forgive you for that...

7. Claire Novak= "Firecracker"

From a very young age, Claire Novak was left alone. But this ice cream flavor is loved by many-like Claire. Claire is obsessed with running, hiding, and trying to hunt on her own. Claire is that character that gets you so annoyed you wish someone would kill her — only because she is constantly trying to escape the people who truly love her. But who can blame her? She lost her father when she was young and then soon after, her mother. She had to survive, and of course, there's the anger built up inside her, who wouldn't have rage if they were set to the side like they didn't matter anymore?

I chose this ice cream flavor for Claire Novak because this ice cream has a "blue moon" kind of bite to it, but the real surprise is the Pop Rocks on top of the ice cream! Pop Rocks are unique and much different from all of the other candies-in a way, Claire Novak is different from all the teenagers her age- she has hunted all sorts of creatures, lost her mother for two years while she thought she was going to find Claire's father, and she is loved by Sam and Dean Winchester themselves. If that isn't enough of a "pop rock" lifestyle for you-I don't know what else could be! Claire has always been a real "firecracker," with her huge attitude and the fact that her and Dean butt heads is all the explanation you need.

8. Chuck Shurley (God) = Superman

So as my Supernatural lovers know... God is Superman in this case. Superman and God protect, fight, and can destroy everything built — it'll destroy your taste buds and make you fall in love for sure. They are super strong emotionally, but they can be harsh.

"Believe me, I was hands-on — real hands-on for, wow, ages. I was so sure if I kept stepping in, teaching, punishing, that these beautiful creatures that I created... would grow up. But it only stayed the same. And I saw that I needed to step away, and let my baby find its way." - God

9. Kevin Tran = "Heavenly Hash"

This ice cream flavor hails from many places, but my mother introduced it to me-she grew up on it in Michigan — and oddly enough, Kevin came from Neighbor, Michigan! This treat is a big deal in most places-just like Kevin Tran. I mean Kevin is a Prophet Of The Lord! It doesn't get bigger and better than that! Inside this ice cream flavor, there is a perfect mix of nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate to make everything better-Kevin has the Winchesters to make him feel better! There's nothing the Winchesters can't do! The nuts in this ice cream show the crazy nut spells Kevin went through when Crowley was messing with him inside the little bunker he had for translating the angel tablet. Unfortunately, Kevin doesn't last long- for he is killed by the rogue angel Gadrell on account of orders given by Metatron.

P.S. Kevin didn't deserve to die either.

10. Ruby = "Double Dark Chocolate"

This ice cream flavor I found also from a place called "Almost Heaven" in Florida. This ice cream flavor has extra rich dark chocolate ice cream with extra rich dark chocolate sprinkles on top! If you're a fan of dark chocolate go right ahead, but I hate dark chocolate- and boy how I dislike Ruby also. She is defiantly someone that wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley-she hurt my Sammy boy, no one hurts my Sammy boy.

11. Lisa Braeden = "Butter Pecan"

This smooth, tasty ice cream flavor reminds me of Lisa big time. Lisa is known as the woman who broke Dean Winchester. Supernatural fans know Dean Winchester is a ladies man, but something about Lisa made Dean fall-and he also is a lot like Lisa's son, Ben. Lisa is caring, puts Dean in his place and straightens him up, and loves her two boys very much. The smooth, rich, award winning ice cream flavor is perfect for a good summer's day! This ice cream flavor is very loved- and so is my girl Lisa.

P.S. Ben should have been Dean's son.

12. Ben Braeden= "Play dough"

This ice cream flavor is a sweet and fun flavor! It definitely tricks the eye! Ben is Lisa's son (the Lisa above), and even though he is seen in only a few episodes, he is still a HUGE part of Supernatural. Ben is the child that we met when Dean made a special trip to see Lisa, and we all definitely thought Ben was Dean's- and he should have been. Dean became a father figure to Ben when Sam died. Ben is sweet and has a very big heart-just like Dean. Of course, the ice cream is sweet and this ice cream definitely makes your heart sing!

P.S. Ben is my love (so is Dean). If you can't tell, I'm a Jensen Ross Ackles and Dean James Winchester!

13. Dean Winchester= "Apple Pie"

If you watch Supernatural then you know that Dean "loves him some pie," but I think almost anyone can love both this ice cream AND my Dean Winchester. Dean Winchester loves food and is constantly eating something (It's kind of his thing). But we love him anyway, he's beautiful, tries to act like he doesn't care, but he just cares too much. Dean has a childish and playful side-just like the aspect of apple pie (wasn't pie part of your childhood?) Dean is legendary-and so is this beautiful apple pie ice cream!

"He is beauty, he is grace, and he will stab you in the face." - Dean

13. Sam Winchester= "Butterfinger"

We all know Sam William Winchester is a hunk of anything you'd like to get your hands on! This ice cream flavor is delicious and great and all, but the original candy bar really does slip through your fingers. It's always something with Sam isn't it? Sam tends to have daddy issues, mommy issues, and I mean the girl he wanted to marry was burnt to death on the ceiling of their own home! Sam Winchester is a hard man to hold on to, he's always hiding something-or rather hiding somewhere. Sam's sweet and soft side comes out in the smooth, rich vanilla ice cream and the bumps along his path and his journey are represented by the butter finger chunks within himself and the ice cream (wow, this one was bad).

P.S. Katie Wells, you're a genius for helping with this one.

14. John Winchester = "Chai"

Chai ice cream for John Winchester because he is probably the blandest man on Supernatural. I can't say I care for John Winchester. What can I say, he left the boys — many times I might add, never gave them a chance to be real boys. But, I also can't say I don't love him for raising Sam and Dean into the men they have become. Honestly, I gave Chai to John because I couldn't find an ice cream flavor that was bad enough to fit John Winchester. Sorry, not sorry. I know John raised Sam and Dean sort of good, but they also barley had a father because he was obsessed with hunting to find Mary's killer- I get that. But seriously, leaving your not so old son Dean to take care of a little Sam when Dean was barely old enough to take care of himself? Forever annoyed, but also thanking him for creating his two beautiful sons. *mic drop*

15. Ellen Harvelle = "Red Velvet"

I love Ellen Harvelle with all of my heart. Props to her for making Dean Winchester physically afraid of her. I don't think I've ever seen Dean so weak for power than when he's around Ellen, talking to Ellen, or thinking about Ellen (not like that-get your mind out of the gutter). Ellen cares so much for her daughter, but Jo is like a regular Claire Novak (seriously, the writers and producers should have made them meet before Jo passed away). Ellen ran the Harvelle Roadhouse, and kept everyone in check. Ellen only wanted the best for her daughter, her son, Bobby, and the Winchester boys- so much so that she gave her life for them. Now, red velvet is the most beautiful ice cream flavor ever, so naturally, it went towards Ellen. Ellen will forever be in our hearts and memories. She's gone, but never forgotten.

16. Jo Harvelle = "Cookie Dough Caramel"

Jo Harvelle is a hardcore hunter-she really is good-but not Winchester good. She is a lot like Dean and Sam. She follows in the footsteps of her father (just like the Winchesters), she hunts to feel closer to her father and to help people (also like Winchesters), and she likes to act like she doesn't care about much of anyone-but actually cares so much. And yes, Dean does hit on her, and yes, Jo really is attracted to Dean. They just never got the chance to do anything about it. Story of literally every GOOD character's life in Supernatural. Jo loved with everything she had, and she even gave her life to save the Winchesters-if that's not love, I don't know what else is. This ice cream flavor fits Jo so perfectly because the chunks of cookie resemble the bumps she has with her mother ad the Winchesters, caramel to resemble the smooth, richness in her attitude (she's got plenty of it to go around), and some vanilla ice cream to resemble the soft spot she has in her heart the people she loves. Well, raise hell in heaven Jo. Fly high babe.

17. Ash Harvelle = "Upside-Down Batter"

This ice cream flavor resembles Ash so well because Ash was not what you expected when you first met him, admit it. In Supernatural, Ash is that character that's only ever at the Roadhouse Bar, and yes, he's usually drinking or already drunk. But when Dean and Sam judge him, don't lie, we judged him too. But boy were we wrong. We thought the Winchesters were good at tracking and figuring out things? Yeah, well geniuses like Charlie and Ash are the reason stereotypes should be destroyed. Ash figured out something that took John Winchester months to figure out in a matter of hours. This ice cream flavor is the opposite of what your original cookie dough ice cream cone. In this case, the ice cream cone is literally cookie dough, but the ice cream on top? Its actually caramel with chunks of waffle cone in it-what would usually be the ice cream cone. If that doesn't resemble Ash, I don't know else will.

P.S. Ash didn't deserve to die either. Why do the good people always have to die? It breaks my heart.

Other characters I didn't forget about but I can't stand enough to give ice cream flavors:

Bela Talbot

(Bitch who constantly took the Colt from Sam and Dean, screwed over Bobby, took the rabbit's foot from Sam and Dean, made a deal with a crossroads demon to get her parents killed so she wouldn't have to do it, con-artist). Shall I go on? Oh, and also, she got killed because the hell hounds got to her. PRAISE JESUS.


(High ranking asshole angel who fell as an archangel, made Sam and Dean forget who they were before hunting, and eventually forget each other, wanted to take Dean as Michael's vessel, Dean killed the stupid idiot). Thank God.


(Asshole demon who killed Mary, poisoned Sam's blood with demon blood, killed John Winchester, tried to turn Sam into a stone cold killer in his army, opened the gates of hell, etc). Now do you see why I hate him?

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