If Majors Were Ice Cream Flavors
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If College Majors Were Actually Ice Cream Flavors

Take a break and have some ice cream!

If College Majors Were Actually Ice Cream Flavors
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Ice cream. One of the best things to have on a hot summer day. Whether you go to your favorite ice cream parlor or even Dairy Queen or Culvers. Ice cream is definitely a staple on any occasion. For some exams and the stress of the school is a thing of the past, for others there taking spring or summer classes. But no matter what your summer plans are be sure to take break and have some ice cream. Here is what flavor you should have based on your major!

Nursing - Java Chip

​Nursing majors have so much on there plate, lab hours, clinical hours and full load of course work to boot. They some how manage it all, but not with out the help of caffeine of course!

Elementary Education - Superman

These are the future educators of our youth! They are sweet, funny and try to make learning fun. They do silly things to help the students remember, and aren't afraid to get on there level. Some could compare them to superman!

Business - Mint Chocolate Chip

Business majors are sharp and straight to the point. Much like mint chocolate chip ice cream. There strong and powerful like the minty flavor, but even they have a sweet side like the chocolate chips in the ice cream do!

Theater - Blue Moon

Theater majors are bright and bold just like Blue Moon ice cream! They are passionate and confident, blue moon is a perfect fit for them. It's a staple at any ice cream parlor just like actresses and actors are necessary for the entertainment industry!

Accounting - Moose Tracks

​Accounting majors rarely get the credit they deserve. They have a very complex job, they are at there busiest during tax season. It's the perfect excuse to curl up with a bowl of moose tracks ice cream. Whose complexity is vital to the success of the ice cream.

English - Strawberry

No matter what angle English majors decide to take there options are endless. Much like strawberry ice cream, they are a signature piece in our day to day life. They are studying and continuing to craft our ways of communication. Strawberry ice cream is the perfect comparison to them, as you can never go wrong with a bowl of it.

Pre-Med - Salted Caramel

The future doctors, surgeons, dentists and beyond. They are passionate about there future, strong, and focused. But much like salted caramel ice cream, the best parts come in pieces. Getting through one layer at a time.

Mechanical Engineering - Rocky Road

With schooling almost as intense as the flavor of the ice cream. The two are an almost perfect match. With so many different facets to make engineering work as a whole. Rocky Road is sure to be a perfect fit, with all the different components that flow perfectly together and create the creamiest combination.

Marketing - Mango

​With a job that gives your the opportunity to promote and sell products. Your a unique type and are not afraid to come out of your shell in order to get the job done. But still have a sophisticated side to you, similarly to mango ice cream. Your bold but still sophisticated enough to get the job done.

Criminal Justice - Vanilla

Criminal justice majors are the future police officers, detectives and more of the world. There strong and don't mess around. Much like vanilla ice cream, they don't need any extra toppings to make them awesome!

Geography - Pineapple Coconut

Geography majors love to travel and explore the world. There adventurous and curious about the world around them. There not afraid to try new things. That's why pineapple coconut is the perfect choice!

Biology - Peppermint Bark/Brownie

With so many different ways to utilize a biology major. It was only fitting to for to have an ice cream that contained items that can be used in many different ways. Peppermint bark or even mixed with brownie is the perfect ice cream for a biology major.

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