"Life is a waterfall. We're one in the river and one again after the fall." - Serj Tankian

A part of life, is death. We all have questions as to what really happens after. Some choose not to think about it. Some choose to be afraid of death, and what happens after. As if life follows a linear path. I often find myself, even at my young age, contemplating how I would feel if I were to pass away young. Thoughts that I doubt my peers contemplate. Few accept and acknowledge they have the possibility of passing away at any moment and are okay with it.

Recently, my father shared a post on Facebook about lessons of life he wished his children knew. One of them was "Write your own eulogy. Never stop rewriting." What would my eulogy be like when I pass? What would people do? This is exactly what I would like them to do, and feel if I ever leave this world alive.

Understand I loved with all my heart. Fiercely. Entirely. Like a fire that could never be quenched. In my 19 years, I have done things few ever will do in their lifetimes. I have done a handstand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I have done 160+ on motorcycles. I have looked death in the face and smiled the greaser smile I do so well. My life was permanently changed after receiving 100K and an incredibly wild weekend in California. I have lived a pretty full life, and I haven't reached 20.

So, if I die young. Bury me the way my ancestors were buried. Lay me down in a boat, send it out and burn it down. Smile. Celebrate every memory made. Celebrate the life I lived. Drink, be happy, celebrate, put on my favorite songs and dance, laugh and sing and know I am right there next to you, doing the same.

After all, my favorite joke is "What's a wake? Well, it's when you're not sleepin'!" Be sure to walk out listening to "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" from Monty Python. There will be no tears at my funeral, only smiles to celebrate the life lived.

I encourage you, dear reader, to think about it all yourself. Not in the manner of fear, but in acceptance that none of us are really going to be around forever. Live every day to the fullest extent you can. Be spontaneous. Courageous. Unwavering and unafraid of whatever lies in your path. Ask that person out, get that job, change, grow, adapt. Above all, be happy and thankful. I should clarify, this is not a letter. This is not me reaching out or a hidden cry for help. This is the acceptance that I will probably die someday. Probably. I could be immortal.

"My death," said a certain ogre, "is far from here and hard to find, on the wide ocean. In that sea is an island, and on the island there grows a great oak, and beneath the oak is an iron chest, and in the chest is a small basket, and in the basket is a hare, and in the hare is a duck, and in the duck is an egg, and he who finds the egg and breaks it, kills me at the same time." Joseph Campbell- Hero With A Thousand Faces