Venmo, for those who do not know, is an app available for cellular devices, which enables users to link their card accounts to, for the sole purpose of transferring money to another user. This makes paying without your wallet or paying someone back for an Uber easy. Within the app, transfers are shown publicly on one`s profile including the date, other user involved, and stated reason for the money transfer-but the amount of money is not stated. Yes, this is all public. However, if someone sends another person money or requests money from someone on private, it does not show up on either user`s account. This can not only lead to suspicious money transfers but also a large open window for people to cover their tracks. Why would someone use Venmo private in the day-and-age of public social media accounts? To conceal private and secret information including but not limited to cheating.

Now, this goes without saying some important disclosures before you go out and break some innocent boy`s heart. If he sends everyone money using Venmo private, the chances are he just wants to keep his information private. Some people want to keep their business their own and using Venmo private consistently with all users can insure others do not see it. However, sis, if he has many other transactions public on his profile but chooses to send you money privately (as if secretly or under the table) HE WANTS TO KEEP YOU AND EVIDENCE OF YOUR TRANSACTION A SECRET. But again this begs the question of, "why does he want to keep you private when his other transactions are public?". A logical answer to this reasonable question is that he is cheating.

Does he have his Instagram, Facebook, various social media accounts, and other Venmo transactions public? But yet chooses to send you money on private? Most likely if he sends or requests money on Venmo private he is doing this with other girls privately as well. Now, like I said before you go break some innocent boy`s heart and/or "dig your keys into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive, carve your name into his leather seats, take a Louisville slugger to both headlights and slash a hole in all four tires while singing 'maybe next time he'll think before he cheats'", do some additional research. Then follow through like Kelly Clarkson. But if you still aren't convinced this is plausible, I will let you know that in 2 separate scenarios, students in my class found their significant other cheating via Venmo. So swallow this pill and accept that it is possible.