College has been so much fun. I’ve met so many new people, had so many new experiences, learned so many new things, and just had a different perspective on the world. It’s easy to get lost in it all and forget that I haven’t always been here, that I have a life outside of college. This weekend I spent a lot of time online with my friends from back home, and it was a very therapeutic experience.

Recently, I’ve been a little uptight and stressed. My in class work has suffered as I put an emotional barrier up. I didn’t even realize I was! I was freaking out because I felt like I was failing. I was worried that I just didn’t have the chops to work as an actor. If i couldn’t access my emotions in class, how could I use them on stage? It was a rough time considering all this, and it made me kind of isolate myself in my room. I spent the last couple weeks just sitting around doing nothing. There were things happening around me, but I just couldn’t get into them. It was terrible. I’m sure there are plenty of other students out there feeling a similar dilemma and I just want to say I feel for you. Go out and socialize! It might be easier than you think. What I’ve found in college is that basically, everyone wants to be your friend. It’s like kindergarten all over again. People run around introducing each other and hanging out with kids they only just met. I love that attitude! Everyone here just wants to get to know people. I mean, half of my work here is just getting to know people. I wish it was always like this, I feel like people don’t just go out to meet people anymore. Everyone’s so wrapped up in meeting online that we forget that we can have real experiences. I’m kind of a hypocrite here, because I’ve spent most of my life in front of a screen, but college is making me realize that the most real experiences happen when you let go of a world made of data and live in the one you can actually touch, smell, hear, taste, and see.

I’m happy where I am. I love the opportunity to keep forging through life and making new lifelong friends while keeping with all those I’ve known before. I miss my friends back home, they define home for me. I’m excited to find new homes here at college with all my colleagues. Thank you to Rose, Liam, Josh, Hugh, Ava, Heather, Mia, and Gabs for making my home so special to me. I love you guys.