An Ideal to Strive Towards
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An Ideal to Strive Towards

Living a life of struggle and success with vision and virtues

An Ideal to Strive Towards

In a frustrating situation, the mind has two paths to follow.

One path is fixating on a certain detail, calling their mind to take a step back and slowly solve the problem. The other path, however, has the mind captivated in a boiling and angry panic accompanied by aggression and a hopeless struggle, getting nothing achieved and letting the problem exist. What’s worse is that these problems just don’t stop. Every time you think you have nothing to worry about, something pops up. It’s hard.

That’s why it’s not easy to consistently follow the first path because we as humans, all have something that pushes us over the edge.

At one point in our lives, everything was simple. You were able to be happy quite easily, had more time to do what you liked, and had little to no obligations. No worries, no stress. However, most of our years of living isn’t like this and we can get frustrated with life. As we work and try to move on, it is tough to adapt into a lifestyle that is characterized as one full of difficulty. In this mindset, the simplicity we once knew is so far out of our grasp. But if there’s so many people in this world who’ve felt struggle, who’ve felt pain, and who’ve lost several times over, how do they cope with the frustration?

Well, they just keep living.

It’s easy to say but going through life will allow you to see so many things that keep us blessed and grateful. We just need to train our minds to go on, to create a purpose, to have an ideal to strive towards.

We as human beings, need to imagine ourselves to be the best people we can possibly be and to do this, we need to be inspired and stay optimistic to the best of our ability. Having an ideal to strive towards is what keeps us going and forces us to think about the legacy we want to leave for our family, friends, and even the world. But to make yourself a great person, you want to think of the people that you find great.

It can be a religious figure, a celebrity, a musician, history makers, innovators, your parents, superheroes, whatever! Throughout my life so far, my inspirations ranged from my closest friends, to my brother, to even Superman! What's important is to surround yourself with people who are better than you so you can learn something from them and grow more knowledgeable as a person. Lose any kind of ego and admit that you make mistakes and fail. This opens your mind to change and thinking from a different perspective. The matters is to be inspired and mold yourself to attain the virtues that make these people so incredible. The questions you want to ask yourself are “what kind of person do I want to be?” and “what inspires me?”

Many of us watch movies and shows. Why? To be entertained but there’s more – we want to be inspired, cheer when individuals overcome the odds, and mold ourselves to attain their virtues of perseverance and optimism. We talk to people, dream, and want to go on adventures and live a fulfilling life. Why? It’s an obvious answer: we want to be happy! By taking all the information that makes us laugh and smile, we are given purpose.

An ideal doesn’t even have to be a person. It can be a vision, an idea of what we want the world to be. They can be grand in scale with millions over the world wanting to end world hunger and shelter children in third-world countries. Don’t just talk about it…be about it! Research these things, sign up for events, email representatives, and try to be knowledgeably about the subject. By broadening your mind and giving yourself a goal, you’re on your way to becoming something amazing.

Even though our lives always seem to be compound of problems that never stop infiltrating our mind, each human being in this world has the ability to achieve greatness and reach the same happiness we were once so familiar with. It’s all in our minds. We can stay frustrated or we can be patient and learn something from overcoming a difficult situation. Go watch shows and different movies but take something out of it. Give yourself every opportunity to learn something new. Keeping an open mind and having something to strive towards will let you achieve wonders.

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