What I Wish I Was Told My Freshman Year Of College
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Student Life

What I Wish I Was Told My Freshman Year Of College

There are unrealistic worries and expectations that no one tells you, but I'll be the person to tell you everything I wished someone told me.

What I Wish I Was Told My Freshman Year Of College

Going into college is scary. It's exciting, and fun...but mostly scary. However, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you're terrified for your new adventure. Whether it is because you're going out of state and don't know anyone, or simply because the reality of adulthood is sinking it, it's okay to be afraid!

Throughout my freshman year of college, I learned A LOT of beneficial information and skills. There are things that no one tells you. There are unrealistic worries and expectations that no one tells you, but I'll be the person to tell you everything I wished someone told me.

You Absolutely Do Not Need to Bring Your Entire Life With You to College


When packing to move into your freshman year of college dorm or apartment, it can be scary. I promise you, everyone is guilty of bringing way too much and having absolutely no place to put it.

The Freshman 15 is Not Hard to Avoid...But it is a Real Thing

As gross as the dining hall food is, you'd be surprised how easy it is to rack on the lbs. But all it takes is not grabbing that second cookie and getting into the gym.

Be Involved on Campus

This is something they'll preach to the choirs every day on campus and throughout your time at school, but they truly mean it. Getting involved in sports, clubs, and groups are a great way to get to meet new people, as well as learn your new area.

Call Your Family

I don't know who needs to hear this one...out of state kids I'm talking to you. You'll get busy and it'll slip your mind...but I promise you, you'll want to take the time to call them.

Go To Class

I'm a hypocrite for this one, and every college kid is...I get it, it's hard to get up and go to a 7:30 am a lecture on a class you don't care about...but you'll pay for it if you don't go.

You're Going to Change your Major 12 Times

Seriously, we all think we know what we want to do until Jenny from Alpha Phi and Jake from Pi Kapp are telling us about their majors then suddenly we have a change of heart. Just accept this now. No one has any damn idea what they're doing either.

Get a Planner


Not like the cute target ones we had in high school that no one used. Invest in a good planner or calendar and plan out your semester as far in advance as you can.

Remember, You Have a Clean Slate

No one here knows you, you can be whoever you want to be. No one needs to know about your past. Use this to your advantage.


Anyone else would say be careful with how much caffeine you drink, but I promise at 3 am when you're writing a 12-page paper due by 9 am...you'll want that red bull.

Not Everyone Drinks, If You Don't Want To, Don't Feel Like You Have To

I promise no one that you care to be friends with will judge you for it. If you drink, great! Just don't put partying ahead of school. But also remember that even if you don't drink, you can still go out to the frat parties and bars with your friends.

Ratemyprofessor.com is your best friend

Trust me when I say students won't lie. That econ professor with a 2.1? Don't take her. Trust me, you would much rather take the class that is farther away or not at the best time than deal with a shitty professor. Speaking from experience...don't make that mistake.

Realize That Your 4.0 High School GPA Won't Happen Here

Even if you took AP classes in high school, college is a whole new territory, and it is not easy. No one cares about how well you did in high school.

Don't Walk Alone Anywhere at Night

A college is a scary place, and the world is scarier. If your roommate wants canes at 2 am, you go with her. No questions asked. period.

Don't Let One Thing Define You

Yes, Chad, that means you. Joining Greek life is a great way to get involved and meet people on campus. However, don't join just to say you're in a top frat/sorority, and don't let your letters define you.

Crimes Happen a lot on Campus

If you are walking alone at night be alert and don't stare at your phone. If you find yourself in the terrifying situation of being mugged or anything else, give them what they are asking for. Don't try to be tough. There is a good chance that you're not tougher than a bullet.

The list could go on forever, continuing with what you learn about yourself so on and so forth.

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