50 Things My Freshman Year Of College REALLY Taught Me
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Student Life

50 Things My Freshman Year Of College REALLY Taught Me

Experiences and tips for incoming freshman that I learned without paying a dime of tuition.

50 Things My Freshman Year Of College REALLY Taught Me
Hannah Settje

Did I really learn that much in class?

Sure, but not tuition-price worth. What I learned this year in college are things that money or professors or a nice campus can't buy, but rather true experience:

1. 17 credit hours plus a job and extras is too much.

2. Usually a meal at a restaurant can become two if you have portion control. (I don't.)

3. You really do meet lifelong friends.

4. Working out is a MUST unless you have the metabolism of a 12 year old boy.

5. Chemistry sucks.

6. Group projects suck.

7. Some professors, *cough* one in specific, really suck.

8. I can't wear anything but leggings and comfort colors shirts anymore.

9. Save money for a new phone before college because you will break/lose yours.

10. Stress eating is real and alive.

11. Don't talk about politics in class. Nobody cares.

12. An episode of The Office helps any emotional distress.

13. Groupthink (when you hang out with people for a long time and start acting like them) is real.

14. You can't stray from your favorite two or three fraternities.

15. Walking. Everywhere.

16. ^ Because campus parking is a pain in the ass.

17. Home means taking the good food back to your dorm.

18. Too much is never a good thing, because you'll get burnt out.

19. Professors don't honor dead week.

20. If you miss the bus, you're missing class.

21. I wear bro tanks now and hate myself for it.

22. Don't loft your bed if you sleep walk.

23. To-do lists are life.

24. Dead week actually means you almost die. Only the tough survive.

25. Stressed? Visit some puppies.

26. Don't take a test with the stomach flu.

27. Syllabus week first semester: take advantage of it.

28. If you're used to dark, quiet rooms for sleeping; good luck.

29. You will get sick. At least twice.

30. People are loud and opinions are loud but just listen.

31. The world needs better people, so value your chance to get an education.

32. Again, chemistry sucks.

33. You'll make a friend who becomes "mom". Cherish them.

34. Game days are holidays. (GBR)

35. Second semester is made to recover your GPA from first.

36. "Sunday Scaries" are alive and real.

37. Take advantage of concerts. Especially cheap or free ones.

38. Money is important. Budget wisely.

39. But you can spend money on treating yourself occasionally.

40. Don't wait til the day before a final to start studying.

41. High school WILL NOT prepare you, not matter what your teachers say.

42. Keep healthy snacks like fruit or yogurt in your dorm so your late-night cravings can sometimes be stopped.

43. You'll do stupid things in public but that's why you have friends to stop you from doing them again.

44. Invest in a nice umbrella or rain jacket, and rain boots. Nobody likes being in class, and it's worse if you're cold and wet.

45. Trust your gut.

46. Do laundry often before it breaks your hamper.

47. White wine is easier to get out of carpet than red.

48. I still don't now how to do taxes. (Help.)

49. You will lose your room key, ID, wallet, keys, etc. But it's not the end of the world. But it is hella stressful.

50. Most important of all, it's okay to go home when you need a little break from the college life.

I hope this gives incoming freshmen a little insight of what they can expect to endure this upcoming fall. Thankful for sophomore year and hopefully not having to do this all over again, even though freshman year is one for the books.

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