It was complicated. We talked for one year on and off. One of us would be dating someone while the other was single. But after we stopped dating other people we had finally got together.

I thought I had it all with this one guy. He was sweet, took me out to dinner, everything you expected a boyfriend to do. He treated me like a princess. I guess that is why I couldn't let go.

It was the summer before college and everything was perfect. We spent every day together. We had late night sonic runs, movie dates, and days where we would just sit at home with my family. But as the summer started fading, I knew that it was going to be hard going to different schools. We had seen each other every day for the past 4 years.

It was my last week with him and I made sure I saw him every day; even if was just going by his house and saying hey. Our last day together, I cried. We promised we would try to see each other every weekend and hang out as much as possible.

Well, not even a week after being at different schools, I saw on another girl's Snapchat story him dancing with her. I was so upset and angry. He tried to tell me he wasn't dancing with her, but he was. We didn't talk for a week which killed me.

We started talking again because I thought I couldn't live without him. He visited me in Starkville and I went to Oxford a few times. But something wasn't right. We fought all the time and after seeing him dancing with another girl, I honestly didn't trust him. When we fought, everything was always my fault.

My friends kept telling me he was toxic, and I needed to get out of the relationship. They were telling me I could do much better. I didn't deserve the way he was treating me. I had cried a lot over this boy.

I told him I was coming to see him one weekend. That week I told myself I was going to end it with him. When I got there, we started talking. I told him I didn't think it was going to work. He got mad at me, then told me to just leave. I was heartbroken.

The next week he had a girl on his story. So, me being me, I asked who she was. How could he move on that fast? Then me and his ex before me starting texting. Turns out him and she had been dating the whole time we were talking. For 3 months he had a girlfriend and didn't tell me. I called and asked him if he was ever going to tell me he had a girlfriend. His excuse was "I didn't want you to go off the deep end, Abby."

I had lost who I was because of him. I wasn't the sweet happy go lucky Abby anymore. I felt I would never find a good guy. I was scared to have a relationship because I didn't want to get hurt again.

I completely stopped talking to him. I had him blocked on every social media: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I thought my life was over, then I met the sweetest boy, Dylan. Dylan made me feel so special and so loved. He cares about me and always makes me laugh. God has an amazing way of getting the bad people in your life out. God also has an amazing way of putting people in your life that need to be in your life.