Finals week is already a hard time for everyone. It is especially harder for me since in the fall it means that as soon as I am done with finals I have to pack and leave for home.

While I see it as a reward to go home after a hard hustle that was the semester or the whole year (just me exaggerating my life) it is annoying when you hear that there may be a possible snow day in the middle ruining everything.

Last semester, I was to finish all my finals by a Thursday and leave for Mumbai, India, on Friday morning. Due to a change in plans, I already had to take a 29-hour trip back home instead of a 22-hour one, but I had made my peace with it and was looking forward to going home.

A few days before my first final, my friends told me that it was going to snow that Monday. While generally pessimistic, and as someone who always wished that exams would get postponed, I turned optimistic and hoped and prayed that it would not snow and that we would only get either rain or sleet.

But fate had other things in store for me. It snowed and refused to stop snowing for a while.

While I generally look forward to snow and love the idea of playing in the snow, this time it angered me.

The white layer covering the roads, rooftops, and cars served as a constant reminder that my plans had been messed up and that now the hustle was actually going to be hard.

Soon my exams scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of that week started getting pushed back and got rescheduled for the weekend. This would have been fine had I not been leaving on Friday morning. Instead of panicking, I got angry and refused to cooperate.

While that was not the ideal reaction, I came back to my senses really quick, wrote to my professors, and had they let me take my exams early.

At that point, it felt as though karma was getting me for hoping and praying for delays in the past. But I once again made my peace with this fact and prepared for my finals.

While it was hard, I ultimately took five finals in a span of fewer than thirty-six hours, from 8:00am Monday to 7:30 pm on Thursday, moved out of my dorm room and made it in time for my flight the next morning.

At the end, as I look back to that week now, all I can do is hope and pray that there are no more "natural obstacles" in my way in the future.