I don't know about you guys, but somehow the word "sorry" finds itself in almost every third sentence that comes from my mouth. I am not sure why I constantly apologize because sometimes it isn't even my fault. I just always say sorry for most things that I do. Just yesterday I caught myself saying sorry for going through the door of a gas station just a little bit before someone else. As if I was in their way and causing a problem when they hadn't even come to the door yet themselves! I am sure they were thinking, "Why did that girl just say sorry to me?"

Well, if you are an over the top sorry person like me, just know you aren't alone. I tried to come up with some of the times I have said sorry, and I bet this list does not even cover half of it.

1. When I accidentally bump someone in a store.

2. When someone accidentally bumps me in a store.


3. When I accidentally touch someone.

4. When I answer something wrong.

5. When I don't like the food because I'm so dang picky.

6. When I hiccup.

7. When I am shivering in a car and someone has to turn the heat up for me.

8. When I am hot in a car and someone has to turn the AC on for me.

9. When I need someone's charger because my phone is almost dead, again.

10. When I hit the breaks too hard when I am driving.

11. When I accelerate too fast when I am driving.

12. When I turn too hard when driving.


13. When I eat too much.

14. When I eat too little.

15. When I blow my nose.

16. When I take a phone call.

17. When I get to the bottom of my drink and it makes that empty noise.

18. When I steal a fry without asking, as I am doing it.

19. When I hit someone with my book bag while I am walking.

20. When it is hot out and I stick to the seat or to someone else.

21. When I am walking next to someone and can't walk straight and somehow end up bumping them 1000 times.

22. When I trip.


23. When I sneeze.

24. When I need a million blankets to be comfy, which means stealing everyone else's.

25. When I chew my food.

26. When I sing too loud to the music.


27. When I blow bubbles with my gum.

28. When I talk too much during a movie.

29. When I talk too much in general.

30. When I think I am being annoying.

31. When I do the sniffle thing when my nose is running.

32. When I complain that I am hungry.

33. When I sleep too much.


34. When my hair looks like it could host a few birds.

Maybe you just read all of this and are thinking that I say sorry way more than the average person. Or maybe you are thinking dang this girl is ME! Either way, I am sorry for all of the times I have said sorry. Hahaha, but really.