Summer, The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Holiday gifts and family time restores and rejuvenates us. Spending that December time with loved ones provides some fond memories, and there is nothing like going home to spend time with those that love you. Despite that excellent time, what I really look forward to is the hot sun of the summer. It frees and inspires us; extra time means more pool and less school. The opportunity to go to the beach is constantly on the radar, and any downtime is spent with a swimsuit and friends. The sun, while draining in the short term, gives us energy and heals us mentally. Ever taken a nap after a day at the beach? Is there anything better?

Heat and humidity discourage clothing and therefore inhibitions. Hair lightens and skin darkens.

In Florida, when it's not hot and sunny, it's humid and rainy. Stormy days bring their own joys of cleaning the house, bingeing Netflix, reading books, and taking naps. Summer is the time for you to go towards your goals at your own pace. Here in Florida, it's often blisteringly hot during the day and stormy in the evening, making it a seamless transition from beach day to chill day.

Obviously, it's not all good. There are also more mosquitoes and wasps. The sun causes sunburns and the heat can dehydrate you. Sweat means it's time to go to the pool or the beach. Having to wear anything more than a tank top and shorts is torturous. If you have tattoos or sensitive skin, you have to carry sunscreen around with you everywhere. It's true, the intensity of summer has its downsides, too.

But everything good comes at a cost, and the positivity and freedom of the summertime is one that I always look forward to. Adventuring and wilding out are the best pastimes, and during summer, there's just more time and opportunity for both.

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