I love the hustle and bustle of college, I love football games every weekend and going out with friends on weekdays to make fun memories and strengthen friendships. However I will never love anything more than going home to pet my cat and eat a home cooked meal prepared by my mother. It’s the quiet times at home and being able to relax after a long day at school because I never had after school homework that I miss occasionally when the hustle and bustle become too much for me mentally. My hometown is my favorite place to go to think since it is only an hour and a half away I can go home with no problem. My favorite thing to do is to drive old back roads and watch the sunset on the delta soil and think about college life. For that moment, that hour or so in my car alone, I can finally take a breath and release everything that I have been holding in or have been on my heart and mind. I would talk to God out there a lot as well during my high school years. It goes without saying home is where the heart is and I definitely believe that.