Things I Look Forward To When I Go Home

13 Things I Look Forward To When I Go Home

With winter break coming up, there's definitely a few reasons I am excited to go home.

Megan Lynch

Winter break is great for a multitude of reasons: finals are over, I can finally take a breath from the constant studying and, best of all, I get to go HOME. While some people don't always want to head home for the holidays, there are more than a few things that I'm excited for when it comes to making the long drive back. While my friends and family are obviously a part of the fun, here are 13 other things that you just can't beat about going home.


I am so ready for a home cooked meal and to go to my favorite restaurants while I'm home. I can't keep eating the same three meals over and over again at school.

My Bed

Don't get me wrong, my bed at school isn't that bad. But my bed at home is bigger and definitely comfier and I can't wait to be bundled up in it for hours on end.


Honestly one of the best parts about going home is being able to shower without wearing shower shoes. Plus, you know the water pressure is way better and you don't have to worry about the temperature changing every minute.


There is not much more I look forward to than seeing my dogs. I miss them every single day and can't wait to shower them with all of my love as soon as I get home.

My Parents

As much as my parents might get on my nerves sometimes, I don't know what I would do without them. I call my mom every day, but there is nothing like being able to see and hug her. I miss just being with them and spending time together.


Having to rely on Uber or other people to drive me places gets old. I love having the freedom to drive myself wherever I want to go whenever I want. Driving is also when I can have some peaceful alone time or blast whatever music I want.


I love my friends at school to death but I also miss my close friends from home. I wish I could bring them to school with me sometimes. I wouldn't have anything to do at home without them.


Yeah, sometimes I watch shows or movies on Netflix and Hulu, but there's nothing quite the same as scrolling through the channels on the TV and home to find something interesting, or not so interesting, to watch. Especially when there's endless Christmas movies on TV.

My Couch

I love the couch in the living room at my house. I'll get up in the morning, then go lay on the couch. Or I'll be watching TV or a move at night, and then fall asleep there. It's like a second bed to me.

My Grandparents

I am lucky enough to have grandparents that live right next door to me, and my other grandparents that live less than 10 minutes from me. They are the cutest and sweetest people that I know. I try to see them every chance I get when I'm home.

Sleeping In

Sometimes I get to sleep in at school, but not very often. I feel like I always have early classes or even some event to wake up early for on the weekends. It's been a long time since I've truly gotten to sleep in and I can't wait.

No Class

It's great to have at least a little break from day after day of classes and homework. I will definitely need the time over break to relax.

I can spend an entire day doing nothing...

And not feel (too) guilty about. There are some days when you just can't get yourself to do anything. But in college, most days you have to at least be a little productive or else you're in trouble. Sometimes you just need a day to stay home and do absolutely nothing, without having too many consequences.

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