They are this weird phenomenon that some people swear by and others find to be a complete hindsight-biased hoax. Personally, I am somewhere in between - I do not know enough to make that intelligent of a judgment. Nonetheless, it does not mean I do not find them fascinating… and here's why.

Born on June 16, 2000, I was brought into this world as a Gemini to the astrological eye. I have always embraced this quality of mine - my birthday being between the date range of May 21 through June 20 in accordance with my position with the sun and stars is such a romantically unique trait.

You can look at different websites and find out different things about this sign that supposedly tells a lot about you - but, ironically, isn't all too consistent. There are, though, some historically believed truths about each sign that dates back to the Greek's in the early 4th century. Similar to religious values, I think zodiac signs are worth believing in to strengthen your values by what they mean about you. By no means do I believe they provide an explanation for life, or are even legitimate. I mean, how could you base your life around a free app on your phone. That said, I think they can guide you and provide a positive influence on who you are from day to day - a reminder of how to find peace, and possibly validation, in each day.

I am a Gemini… I do not really know what it means, but I am fascinated.

Geminis are twins represented by the Roman numeral two to represent duality in personality. You will find explanations on every end of the spectrum from dating back to a relationship between Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, to just having a hot and cold personality… but they all cast similar values. My best traits include being gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, and being able to share ideas. My worst being nervous, inconsistent, and indecisive. I must say, I am not sure what these come from or the reputable factor, but they seem consistent with my personality - and for that, I continue to read my horoscope from time to time and apply some of it to my life.

Things like compatibility, lucky numbers, favorite color, favorite food, and even dream vacation (thank you, Buzzfeed quizzes) seem to be a stretch… but I still find myself clicking through and learning more about who I supposedly am. They are fun, and convincing yourself of the positives of your life may not be such a bad thing… I think we could all use a little more of it.

So maybe download an app in 2019 and research who you are - it will widen your perspective and, hey, even if it means nothing at all, you cannot deny that it is pretty addictive and interesting.