Let's get one thing straight - it's not that I'm not interested in dating, I just don't actively seek it out. I've always been one of those "it'll happen when it happens" kind of people. There is a lot that goes on at school besides meeting a significant other. You have a job, classes, meetings, projects, tests, and sometimes you have service hours to complete. Life just gets busy. The last thing I need on my mind when midterm comes around is someone trying to play games with my heart.

Truth be told, I'm content with not dating anyone right this moment. I've gone on a couple dates here and there and hung out with a couple of people, but there hasn't been any real spark or chemistry, and if you don't feel it - you can't force it. It would be nice to have a person for fun dates or cuddles on the couch, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth the stress that comes with navigating through a new relationship. There is already so much stress about grades and passing classes, so why add the stress of being up to someone else's standards.

I guess the upside of my non-dating life is that I have excelled in my coursework. I've had good grades and my teachers appreciate the effort I've put in. I've gotten to discover more about myself instead of falling into what someone else wants me to be, so one day when I find someone I'll be my most genuine self.

Endgame - the goal of college isn't to find a person to share you life with, it's to find a career to dedicate your life to. My focus is on my career because failing a class is going to have a larger affect on my life than going through a couple break-ups will.