I Can't Cook and This is Why That's a Problem

I'm a female who can't cook?! How misogynistic of you to assume I could! Also, it's really not that misogynistic because I am an adult and any adult, no matter the gender, should know how to cook. My mom and dad both know how to cook, fairly good I must say, but why have I never learned? I can't blame my parents because I had plenty of opportunities to watch them and take notes. I truly blame myself because my other three siblings also know how to cook.

I'm not totally a noob when it comes to cooking, I know the basic things. There is just no way I could trust myself to make an actual meal. If that meal just requires frozen contents in a bag, I got it, no questions asked. Otherwise, I'm potentially clueless when the cooking parts gets involved with the ingredients. Am I embarrassed by this? Heck, no. However, I do wish that I'd be able to eat something besides leftovers from the fridge and soup when I'm home alone.

My little knowledge of the cooking world hasn't done me dirty yet. I say yet because I know one day it's going to bite me in the butt. One day when my boyfriend and I have our own little humble abode, who is going to cook?! Not to expose my boyfriend or anything, but I'm pretty sure he just learned how to make scrambled eggs this year. Hear me out, the ones he makes are very good, but we can't live on them. I also don't want to live on frozen meals all the time either. What's going to happen is one of us is going to man-up and cook through trial and error. There will definitely be a lot of error where Chinese take-out will replace the dinner we tried to cook. On top of that, I love food to no end. I may not look it, but I'm a big eater. Hopefully one of us would get the hang of it.

For everyone else, I hope at least one of you in the relationship knows how to cook. You better appreciate the heck out of that person while you're at it. I know one day I will know how to cook, but for now I am relying on my parent's home cooked meals to fill the void in my heart.

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