All of us have a different aspiration for ourselves in the future. Some of us want to be ballerinas, artists, veterinarians, etc. We all dream from a young age. As we grow, our dreams grow with us and they truly reflect who we are as people. They reflect our personality and our goals in the future, so here are the results when I surveyed 10 people about their biggest dreams.

1. "To be in a place where I'm truly happy."

2. "To find someone I love and lead a happy lifestyle."

3. "To be successful."

4. "To pass my AP exams this year."

5. "To grow as a person and be the best version of myself I can be."

6. "To live in a world with peace."

7. "To be happy when I grow up."

8. "To make enough money to be able to support myself and those that I love."

9. "A more peaceful world."

10. "Becoming a doctor and making the people who have always supported me proud."