Its that time of the year again and I couldn't be more excited.

Yes, I am talking about the time of the year when Cotton Candy Grapes make their ways to shelves across the US. I know you're probably wondering "Did she really just say cotton candy grapes?" I did, and they are indeed everything I am hyping them up to be!

After nearly 12 years of development, Fruit Geneticist David Cain developed this new hybrid fruit by the use of hand pollination crossed with millions of varying types of grapes. Creating something that tastes just like a cotton candy would but, with a slight hint of vanilla! Don't be fooled. They look like your average juicy green grapes. But, their immaculate sweet taste differentiates them from their tangy and tart counterpart.

Now here I stand, staring at the doors of my local Publix, just seconds from walking inside and purchasing the sweet treat when the produce clerk suddenly crushes all hopes and dreams I may have. Our conversation went a little like this:

"Oh my gosh, Hi! How are you, it's weird, I heard the cotton candy grapes were in but I'm not seeing them."

-"Oh yeah, you're probably like the fifth person to ask about them. Unfortunately, they won't come in until the end of the month.. maybe early April.

EARLY APRIL, I... I... I just don't understand.

- Yeah, last year we got them fairly late and they left soon after.. so I guess they're taking their time this year around.

But, you know what you should try... Sugar Kiss Cantaloupe .. It'll rock your world!

Have a nice day sir.

Here I sit .. hurt, confused and fairly belittled. All I wanted was a sweet delectable treat but what I received was a ton of disappointment. Maybe your luck is better than mines and if so... Head on down to your local Trader Joes, Publix or Costco's and try the cotton candy grapes for yourselves. Maybe their just as great as I describe them to be or a huge letdown. Either way, they are definitely worth the try!