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When Will We Stop Destroying Our Planet?

Get your shit together, humanity.


Late October, World Wildlife Fund released a devastating story of China's decision to lift a ban of the medicinal use of tiger and rhino bones. As many people are aware, both tigers and rhinos are endangered and the lift of this band is a huge step backward for their species' wellbeing.

This recent report is only one story of many. Hearing the recent report of climate change's impact becoming permanent by 2030 makes me feel hopeless and scared. Knowing that polar bears are starving in their melting environment or that orangutans are dying from deforestations breaks my heart. Watching scientists find whale carcasses filled with plastic or sea turtles with plastic straws lodged in their nostrils tears me apart.

What saddens me most is that all of this is our fault, and nature suffers the consequences. It is our fault, but this is all also preventable and reversible, and yet it only gets worse. It feels like politicians don't care, and that those who have power in the government only benefit from the destruction of Earth's ecosystems. For me, it sometimes feels overwhelming thinking about my part. What can I do? Sometimes it feels as though my actions don't do much in terms of environmental impact, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. But people do care about the environment, whether or not they are actively trying to help or not, and that's an important first step. However, we have to take action if we want to see a different outcome.

We need to get our shit together, humanity.

The World Wildlife Fund has said that we are the last generation that can stop climate change and environmental destruction. We need to do everything we can to help our planet. The first change can be simple and easy, such as avoiding plastics like straws or lids. Recycling plastic bags at your local grocery store and opting out for a reusable grocery bag instead. Whether it's eating a more plant-based diet or being more conscious of our individual energy consumption, we have to make a change.

The time is now, because our planet doesn't have much time left for a change.

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