So you just found out you're a Hufflepuff... CONGRATULATIONS YOU LUCKY WIZARD YOU!

You are officially a part of the only house that doesn't get places by being a total jerk or through overstepping your boundaries... and that's pretty damn cool if you ask me. Hufflepuff is the most underrated house to be in and here's just a glimpse as to why:

1. You're Known For Your Kindness

Yeah being a sneaky little shit isn't an honest way to live your life and you know and embrace that. You're known for being "the nice guys" and you wouldn't be able to fathom it any other way (P.S. Nice does not equal boring).

2. We Have The Fewest Dark Wizards

Of all the house we keep our cool the most, you don't see us turning into dementors left and right... I'm looking at you Gryffindor with your Peter Pettigrew.


I think this one goes without explaining, and yes The Rock is really a Hufflepuff.

4. We're The Golden Child

J.K. Rowling, the queen herself, on several occasions has admitted we're her favorite. Even the sorting hat has mentioned us as "ideal." Those odds are pretty good.

5. We Are Loyal AF

We will do whatever it takes to protect not only our own, but any living thing that is good and true. You won't catch us with a two-sided personality or switching sides.

6. Newt Scammander (Eddie Redmayne) Is The Man

He is a Hufflepuff pioneer paving the way for the rest of us as he gains popularity. He's a total badass and it's about time people realized we aren't a force to be reckoned with, even in our gentle, seemingly quiet states.

7. We Aren't Show-offs Like Our Counterparts

We do everything with grace and dignity and we do everything with 100% heart. We do it not for the glory, but because it's just simply the right thing to do.

8. Our Common Room is Right by The Kitchen

Need I say more? We love to eat and being friendly means you're usually buddy-buddy with the house elves which also means more food.

9. We Don't Discriminate

House Elves, Pure Bloods, Mud Bloods, Warewolves, we love everyone just the same.

Needless to say, I understand we all root for our houses. However, Hufflepuff is and will always be the ultimate house. Always.