I started out as a Ravenclaw before I realized my true calling (both influenced by Pottermore and my own understanding of myself) to join the Hufflepuff house and I couldn't be more proud. Hufflepuffs are the best and I think that it is time that this house was better understood for the values they stand by and the great things that they offer to others.

1. Hufflepuffs are loyal friends.

You can absolutely always count on a Hufflepuff to be your friend. And once you are friends with a Hufflepuff, they will remain your friend for life. Their loyalty is unshaking and you will be shocked by the lengths they will go to in order to show how much your friendship means to them. This is such a valuable quality in a person that often goes overlooked or unappreciated. But when you find yourself lonely or needing someone to talk to, you can always count on a Hufflepuff to be there for you in your time of need, no matter the personal cost.

2. Hufflepuffs love food.

This one is obvious, given that their common room is right next to the kitchens. I have absolute respect for anyone who loves and appreciates food. It is very likely they also have a good relationship with the house elves who work in the kitchens, something that Hermione and SPEW would be extremely thankful for.

3. Hufflepuffs are dedicated.

Hufflepuffs are dedicated towards achieving any goal. Just think about Cedric Diggory and his quest for champion of the Triwizard Tournament. He used all of his skills and dedication to make it all the way to the end of the tournament. I think it is also telling that the one true Hogwarts champion chosen by the goblet of fire wasn't a Griffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. It was a Hufflepuff!

4. Hufflepuffs are welcoming towards everyone.

While the other houses are known for specific qualities like bravery, intelligence and cunning, Helga Hufflepuff did not want to turn down students even if they didn't show specific aptitude for any of these qualities. She knew that there were other things like loyalty, friendship, and kindness that were just as important. She said, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same." In Hufflepuff no one need ever feel left out or alone. And this is something we really need more of in the world.

5. Hufflepuffs are just generally awesome, well-rounded people.

While their house is not known for its bravery, intelligence or cunning, they still showcase these qualities in their well-rounded characters. Let's think about Newt Scamader. He definitely showcases his bravery in his pursuits to protect his magical creatures, but he also shows his love and care for them at the same time. He is intelligent in knowing how to care for all these creatures as well as resourceful and cunning in his defence of them. Tonks also shows all of these traits as an auror.

It's time that Hufflepuffs were recognized to be more than just the "other" house that no one really talks about. They are awesome people and should be adequately represented and praised for their excellent qualities!