How do you measure a year? This was the question that a lot of people and the people in the musical “Rent” ask in the song “Seasons of Love”. As my second year in college comes to a close I have caught myself asking how I can measure my sophomore year in college. In cups of iced tea? In money I spent? In memories? I decided like the song I would measure it in love.

When I first look back on my sophomore year I can measure it in skype calls with my roommate Deanna leading up to Move In Day. When Move in Day came I was so excited that I was able start classes, start club meetings, and do new things. I decorated my room with my posters, set up my desk, and organized my class first week of classes was a blur of syllabuses, papers, and PowerPoints.I reunited with old friends and made new ones at the same time. I had a lot of firsts this year from my first relationship up until my first real experience with grief that knocked the air out of me. I not only lost my best friend but had to also continue on with my studies. Homecoming was bittersweet because it was my last with my roommate and best friend since they were graduating.

I would measure it in events. I went to so many events from the ones that I helped plan to the ones where they needed last minute assistance. I planned a lot of events for the club that I am president of, from the International Dinner to the Multicultural Magical Mambo. I helped my friend with events like the Cupcake Challenge and Cupcakes and Cocktails.

I would measure it in hugs. I have given and received a lot of hugs this year from tear filled ones when something like the death of a friend to hugs accompanied by warm smiles when something great happens.

i would measure it in laughs. Snorting laughs that burst out when someone cracks the same old inside joke. Laughs that turn into tears from laughing so hard because someone just burped super loud.

I would measure it in movies. I have watched movies with my roommate every Sunday until recently. Each of us taking turns picking the movie introducing the other to one they have yet to see or rewatching a favorite because one of us was having a crappy day and needed a pick me up.

Lastly I would measure it in pasta. It is no secret that my roommate and I love pasta so much that we would have regular pasta nights down in our residence hall kitchen. Some of the best times spent this year involved eating pasta with my roommate. from ramen to angel hair to bowtie we ate so much pasta this year!