How "You" gives us a reality check

The Show 'You' Gives Our Generation The Reality Check That It Needed

You never know, it could be you.


The new Netflix original television show "You" provides an insight into the mind of a stalker. It follows the thoughts of a man stalking a young woman and shows his justification for the things he does in order to get this woman to fall in love with him. While the show gives a very entertaining storyline, with intense, nail-biting scenes that make you yearning for more with each episode, the show also provides a reality check on our generation and makes us re-evaluate how much information we share on the internet.

While the concept of not sharing your life on the internet because stalkers are not new. "You" provides a new level of sharing information that we are all probably guilty of. We all post pictures with our friends and tag the location, or turn our location on snap chat. We are all guilty of these flaws in our daily social media apps but have not once thought of if anyone was looking. "You" shows us that someone could be watching and could easily find where you live and all about your entire life before they ever meet you in person.

Joe in "You," plays the role of the stalker who finds a woman very attractive and his first instinct is to find out every detail about her life. Joe uses unorthodox ways in order to ultimately get Beck, the girl, to be in his life. Beck plays a character that we can all relate to - she is a struggling college student who struggles with her identity and family problems but lives a perfect life online. She only shares the good parts in her life and hides away her struggles, including family, friends, and her relationships. Using what Beck has shared online, including a picture of her new apartment and her university, Joe was able to find her address and her job and school and learn information about her before he ever had a date with her. Joe resorts to sinister ways in order to get close to Beck and it results in Joe committing criminal acts in the name of love for Beck.

"You" serves as a wake-up call for our generation that we all desperately needed.

It shows our technology-based society that we put way too much of our lives on the internet and we need to be more cautious. Joe and Beck serve as an example of what could happen if we don't change our ways. Without privatizing our internet lives, you allow yourself to be vulnerable to other people finding you and stalking you. Stalking is a very serious issue that "You" shines light upon because no one else has. It promotes a much more private lifestyle while also shining a light on how the life we post on Instagram is not the real life we are actually living. We choose to capture our more perfect selves but in reality, our lives could be a complete mess and we all could be struggling with some serious hardships that no one knows about.

While social media has provided our generation with some serious advantages that everyone understands and knows about, people also need to understand the negatives that sharing too much can have. In this day in age, our privacy is the most precious thing we have and when that becomes compromised we have nothing.

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