The Poetic Series: The Soldier

You don't know sacrifice until you know how we fight

You hear the stories, you think it's only right

I will never quit, long into the night

But you would quit if you had the right

One nation under God, indivisible

The truth is in this moment, life is invisible

Saving man from his own death is infeasible

This is war and hatred is unfixable

I remember my mom and I remember my daughter

But I remember my wife through the manslaughter

I made a promise I would never depart her

Is this the end or am I part of her?

Thou shall not kill, that is what He said

Who will help me when I have bled

I will never be able to rest in my bed

I've reached a point of no return instead

I will never quit, there's a long way to go

Time will tell what only God knows

I eat the portions of those who don't show

And the river of life continues to flow

When I go home, I am free

I can smile and greet them happily

My friends, my church, and my family

I can pray and wash my hands calmly

I am crouching down and holding my breath

I am sinking with a drum to abysmal depths

I am not ready for my death

I want to be remembered, but I feel like Macbeth

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