How To Treat A Lady
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How To Treat A Lady

A guide for the modern-day gentleman.

How To Treat A Lady

There I was, minding my own business, going about my work day with as much composure as can be expected, when bam, a new text message hits my inbox. It is a not-so-charming little note from a recent date. Said date was not particularly pleasant, but I came out of it relatively unscathed and well-minded. He on the other hand had some choice words to bestow upon me.

"You're a b*tch for blowing me off."

This inspiring little message was somehow inspired by the fact that I had not texted him for three whole days. Further details are not necessary. Subsequently, I began to think of all the things one should not do when talking to a woman.

Below are some do's and don'ts for the everyday millennial to help them figure out just how a young lady would like to be treated.

Do: Be genuine.

With your compliments. With your treatment of service employees. Be genuine with your feelings and gratitude. We notice.

Don't: Send cringe-worthy, overly-explicit messages.

Whether it be through Tinder or text message, we did not ask for that. (You know, unless we made it clear that we appreciate said messages, then by all means please do.)

Do: Respect her space as well as her boundaries.

"No" really does mean no.

Don't: Act entitled to anything.

We love that you cooked us dinner, but we are not required by law to give anything in return.

Do: Understand that we're a busy woman.

We multitask and manage a lot during the course of one day. Give us some time to respond to that text.

Don't: Call her a b*tch.

Just don't. Trust me on this one.

Do: Put your phone down.

Go out on an adventure. Plan a fun date. The world has a lot more to offer than what that little screen can.

Don't: Make her feel inferior.

Let her know that her opinions and feelings are important, and even more, cherished. As a fellow human, we want to feel like we matter.

Do: Get to know her.

Get to know all her little quirks. Ask about the small things. Find out what her favorite ice cream flavor is or what her first memory was. Discover what truly matters to her, and actually remember it.

Don't: Overthink it.

One bad date isn't the end of the world.

From all of us women to all of you men, we thank you for your future increased efforts.

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