If you are a Syracuse University student, here are 14 things you know to be true.

1. You have an entire drawer full of orange tee shirts.

You don't even know where most of them came from either.

2. Any time someone says the time, your brain follows up with "...and Georgetown still sucks."

The phrase is just conditioned into your head at this point, and you just have to accept that it will never go away.

3. The Carrier Dome is your happy place.

You're decked out in 'Cuse gear, surrounded by people just like you also decked out in 'Cuse gear... What could be better?

4. You have a mumps vaccine.

After the the breakout in winter of '17-'18, you aren't taking any chances.

5. You dress for extreme weather conditions for half of the year.

A huge snow jacket, snow boots, a good hat, gloves, you have it all.... and they definitely get their use.

6. You've ordered Calio's between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. at least once.

Hands down the best middle-of-the-night Marshall Street food.

7. You get very defensive over Syracuse sports.

When people say 'Cuse football or basketball sucks, you take it personally and defend their honor.

8. You hear "Castle Court tonight," and know you're going to have a good night.

Castle Court is full of the best that 'Cuse has to offer. It's never a bad time.

9. Walking a couple blocks in a blizzard is second nature to you.

After being a 'Cuse student for so long, it doesn't even phase you anymore.

10. You whole heartedly believe that Domechos are better than regular nachos (and most other snacks).

They just are. Carrier Dome concessions never disappoints.

11. You have at least one photo with Otto.

How can you not take at least one picture with our beloved orange mascot?

12. You've had an umbrella destroyed by the wind at some point.

The lake effect wind is NO JOKE.

13. You love to scream "O!" during the national anthem.

It is a perfect way to show pride for your country and your school!

14. You bleed orange!

From the Hall of Languages, to the Dome, to the Crouse Chimes, to anywhere in the world, you love to rep the big orange S... Go 'Cuse!