Tackle Your First Date Nerves

First dates don't always come easy, especially when you start to overthink. What are we gonna even talk about? How do I make a good first impression? What do I wear? All these thoughts can ring through our heads, making us more nervous than we need to be. We forget that they are people, just like us, and we're stressing ourselves out for no reason. Tackling a first date is honestly easier than you may think.


For starters, all you really need to do is be yourself. As cliche as it sounds, I swear it works. I know it can be difficult to try and be 100% yourself when you're nervous. But the best thing to do is try. Talk about things that actually interest you - don't just say things you think they want to hear. You're never going to feel more comfortable than you will when you actually care about what you're saying.

It's also okay to be nervous. In fact, it may be even endearing to admit that you are. Knowing that you're making someone nervous means you know that they feel something for you - whether it's small or not, it's there. My father once said that if I don't make him nervous, he just isn't it. Nerves are a normal part of a first date.


Being yourself is the best way to show them what you have to offer. Wouldn't you rather get a second date because you were you rather than because you acted like someone else?

Another thing you may worry too much about is your appearance. Don't dress for your date, dress for you. This ties in with the whole be yourself thing. Clothing is a way for them to see how you express yourself. Don't try too hard to be "sexy" or appealing. Wear what you feel most confident in.


Nerves are simply just that - nerves. They real key to making a good impression on a date is being yourself. Anybody who doesn't find that appealing isn't worthy of a second date. Also, don't think too much of a first date. If you're unsure of how you feel after, give it another shot. If you don't know where it may end up, that's okay. Don't put all of the pressure in the first date just because it's the first.

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