How To Survive The Rest Of Winter

How To Survive The Rest Of Winter

Warmer days are coming...

Here we are at the beginning of February, still in the middle of winter. Some of us are experiencing warmer temperatures and some of us are still freezing cold. Either way, we all surely have at least a few more cold days to look forward to. If winter has you feeling blue, try some of these to make it through the rest of the cold days and remember, spring is coming!

Wear gloves

Seriously, even if you normally refuse to wear an actual warm coat (which I’m totally guilty of), gloves will make your day a thousand times better. They keep your fingertips warm and can help prevent dry skin.

Keep eating your greens

Winter has a tendency to make us crave a lot of warm comfort foods. While comfort food is great, if all you’re eating is carbs, you might be feeling a bit sluggish. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables to keep up energy levels.

Open the curtains

Get some sunlight. Since we usually choose to stay indoors because of the temperature, we’re not getting enough sunlight. So let in that natural light and let it boost your mood.

Swap ice cream for hot chocolate

Need a treat at the end of a long day? While ice cream is great, it won’t warm you. If you get bored of regular hot chocolate, do a quick web search of fun recipes, there’s tons out there!


If you’re not in the habit of using lotion every single day, winter could be wreaking havoc on your skin. A lot of people find themselves suffering from dry skin on their hands, if this is you just keep a small bottle in your backpack for easy access.

Get out of bed on snow days

While it’s tempting to lay in bed and binge watch your favorite show, don’t! You more than likely have some homework to finish and you’ll be happy if you finish it during your free time instead of rushing to do it later.

Wear good walking shoes

You won’t want your precious heels to slow you down on a cold day and you certainly don’t want them to get wet in the snow. Just make sure to dress your feet for the weather!

Wash your hands

This is the time of year that people get sick, so make sure you’re protecting yourself against germs. Wash your hands, clean up after yourself if you are sick, and definitely be aware if you’re spreading your germs to other people.

Have a board game night

It’s easy to watch movies with your friends every weekend during the winter but consider switching it up and playing some games instead. They’ll keep you somewhat active over the course of the evening instead of vegging out under a pile of blankets.

Do your spring cleaning early

When spring actually arrives all you'll want to do is go outside. So get all the heavy work out of the way now so you can be ready for fun when warm weather hits.

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Top 10 Songs To Drive With The Windows Down

These songs will make your ride so much more fun!

Now that it is getting warmer outside and the sun is shining longer we all want to go out and have fun. Favorite part of warm weather, is being able to drive with the windows down and turn up the music. Here are 10 songs that are great for spring and summer car jam sessions!

1. Don't Stop Believing - Journey

This classic can't get anyone to sing along!

2. Yeah! - Usher

This song is an old one from the early 2000s, but is still one that has a great beat.

3. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

This song gets everyone fired up!

4. Crazy in Love - Beyonce

After this one everyone starts feeling like a queen!

5. All Star - Smash Mouth

A great summer jam session song!

6. Ironic - Alanis Morissette

A relatable song to just about everyone!

7. I Want it That Way - Backstreet Boys

No matter what day, what mood, or where you are this song is always good to listen to!

8. I'm Like a Bird - Nelly Furtado

This one is a very catchy one. It gets stuck in your head so quickly especially when your friend goes around signing it at least 20 times a day (thanks Krystal haha). It's one of those songs that you hate that you love it.

9. A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Of course everybody knows this one! A fan favorite and great jam session song for a car ride!

10. Can't Believe It - T-Pain

10 years old and this song still gets everyone hyped!

It's that time of the year where everyone wants to roll their windows down and blast their music! Enjoy these 10 throwback songs during your next car ride jam!

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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It May Not Be Easter Anymore, But I'm Still Celebrating

There may be some hidden Easter eggs never to be found, but the hope of Jesus' return is anything but lost.

The sun ticks across the sky,

And everything changes.

The world grows dark

From a passing cloud that wasn't there,

And I am left without the light.

The Light that promised me hope

Was snuffed.

The Joy that I sought

Was buried

And guarded by my fears.

I lose it.

My sight.

My sound.

My soul.




Awaken the Sun.

No longer hidden but shining its face

On every darkness

Every fear

Every hopeless thought that doubted in its return.

Awaken the Sun.

The beauty of its light

As it consumes the dirt

And catches the fallen.

Awaken the Sun.

It delivers

It redeems

It rises victoriously against the night.

Does anyone still have leftover Easter candy?

I definitely do not because this was the first year I didn't get an Easter basket from my parents (ahem, MOM). Instead, I was left to purchase my own Cadbury eggs and jelly beans, but I didn't mind. I love Easter candy.

"Why is she still talking about Easter? It was, like, two weeks ago."

Good question, inner monologue!

Here's why: I feel like we drop off the conversation about Easter way too soon after Easter ends, and then we act like we can't celebrate Jesus' resurrection until next year.

I mean, we can, but how often do we actually go back to the Bible and purposefully celebrate Jesus' death, absence, and resurrection the way we do that one weekend in March or April? (Want to know why Easter changes? Read this!)

Easter may have been two weeks ago, but I don't want to stop reminding myself of the price my sins cost. I never want to forget the King who left Himself on a cross when He had the power to overcome torture and death. I especially don't want to lose sight of the miracle that is His return to life for eternity.

When we seek Him, we are told that we will find Him. What a hard promise to believe in sometimes, especially those days where everything goes wrong. Think of it this way, though: we don't doubt the sun's return in the morning. We know that its warmth will wake up the world every day. Even though we are not promised the sun's appearance, we trust that its light will shine through our windows and wake us up, day after day. Why, then, do we doubt the sun's Creator?

Why do we lose hope in our Savior's return? He returned after three days of being in the grave; He will return before the night is over. Why do we lose hope in His constancy? He is near to us in our times of brokenness and in our times of healing.

Easter reminds us that Jesus never leaves. It reminds us that though the moment seems hopeless, there is the promise of Hope's return. So, remind yourselves of this hope. Not just at Easter dinner with your family, but in July, when fall weather seems so far away.

Remind yourselves in the winter when you can't wait for summer again.

Remind yourselves during Finals, when good grades seem unattainable.

Remind yourselves when you lose someone, and happiness hurts. There is always goodness in the end because Jesus is the end.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."-Revelation 22:13

So no, it may not be Easter anymore, but I have reasons to celebrate Jesus every day. Easter is a reminder that darkness never wins. There are moments when everything goes dark in my life, and I long for the Son's face to shine upon me as it did the day before. It is in the moments of darkness that I understand why the sun is needed. It is in the moments of hopelessness that the Son provides the hope that fuels my desire to live.

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