How To Survive A Summer In The Suburbs

How To Survive A Summer In The Suburbs

Summer Can Be Very Long, But Also Fun If You Make The Most Of It!

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Growing up in the same suburban town for your entire life can sometimes be fun. You know your way around town like the back of your hand, your close with all of your childhood friends and there's usually always something for you to do. However as you grow older, staying in the suburbs for a long period of time gets to be a drag and you start to feel like you're stuck there. Of course you should try to fill your summer with traveling to different cities, state, countries or going on day trips to close events and places to make your summer feel complete. But while you're just chilling in the 'burbs there blank steps that you should complete in order to survive the summer.

1. Drive all around town blasting your favorite car jams.

Create your own Carpool Karaoke with your friends anytime you get in the car. It will make those many car rides super fun and will make you want to save gas by always carpooling!

2. Pick up a part-time job.

As a college student, spending a summer at home without a job is personal hell. Just getting a crappy part time job at a local eatery can get you out of your house, make the days go by faster, and earn you some money to spend on summer things.

3. Get your friends together for town games.

Act like a kid again and get your entire crew for a giant game of manhunt, hostage or hunger games!

3. Netflix everything you've ever wanted to watch.

With little to do and so much free time in the suburbs, you have the opportunity to watch that movie you've been dying to see, or that show that everyone is talking about.

4. Create something.

Spend a day painting a picture. Or make tie-dye shirts with your friend. Learn a new instrument, or how to do origami! The summer is a time to express how creative you can be.

5. Support local businesses.

When going out to eat or get a craving to go shopping, skip the mall! Support your local suburban businesses because they're trying to survive, too!

6. Volunteer.

If you feel like you're getting nothing done this summer or aren't being as productive as you'd like to be, take up volunteering! It will make you feel better about yourself and help the town you live in.

7. Participate in town events.

Whether it's a holiday parade, a concert or a local speaker, actually show up and make your town proud!

8. Pool hop.

Grab all your friends and jump into all of their pools, community pools, or any other pool you find. It can get hot out there!

9. Catch up on sleep.

After a long summer day in the suburbs it's always nice to jump onto your bed and sleep until you can't sleep anymore.

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