10 Ways To Survive Life's Most Excruciating Endeavor — Getting Sick In College
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10 Ways To Survive Life's Most Excruciating Endeavor — Getting Sick In College

This too shall pass.

10 Ways To Survive Life's Most Excruciating Endeavor — Getting Sick In College

Getting sick in college is extremely common, and unfortunately, unavoidable in most cases. There are names for it, such as “the college plague”, but most people just call it “hell on earth."

By battling this sickness multiple times I have learned the best ways to fight it off as quickly as possible.

1. Sleep

I can’t emphasize this one enough! Sleep as long and as often as you can. It’s rare to have a chance to get to bed early in college, but I promise that doing it is completely worth it. Taking naps throughout the day also helps, which is probably already something you do.

2. Medicate

Don’t sleep on over the counter cough medicine! Mucinex, Alka-Seltzer, emergen-c, and cough drops are all good at minimizing symptoms- even if just for a little while. Being able to breathe through your nose for a few hours while you sleep or are in class is a life saver!

3. Stay Caught Up

Do not use your sickness as an excuse to be lazy or miss class. If you can make it to class I highly suggest going because being behind on work is the worst. We all know missing one class can be super hard to come back from.

4. Stay In

I know it might be hard to resist, but don’t go out with your friends. You can go out any other week, don’t risk prolonging your

sickness or making it worse by drinking alcohol or staying out super late.

5. Go To Urgent Care

If your on-campus health center is sub-par (as many can be), don’t be afraid to catch a ride to the closest urgent care. I can’t tell you how many people I know who were told by the campus doctors that they just need to rest, just to be told by off-campus doctors that they need an antibiotic.

6. Ditch The OJ

Don’t rely on orange juice for every meal and vitamin C supplements to magically cure you! I learned the other day from my doctor that once you drink one glass of orange juice that you’re maxed out on vitamin C for the day, and any more is just going to be expelled. Good thing my doctor also noted that there is something proven to help- zinc! You can find zinc supplements at the pharmacy.

7. Hydrate / Electrolytes

Drink water! Your body is most likely dehydrated, so keep drinking water, tea, or any drinks with electrolytes. Something I recently discovered is the children’s electrolyte supplement, Pedialyte, makes electrolyte ice pops and they’re amazing.

8. Catch Up On Netflix

Use this time to catch up on Netflix! Just relax, stay in bed, and binge guilt free.

9. Eat Well

Make sure you are eating right when you are sick. The most likely answer you will hear is to eat soup, which is good for breaking up mucus in your stomach, but it’s not the only solution. Try to avoid fried foods or anything too unhealthy for a few days, your body needs the best when trying to get better!

10. Keep Clean

When you’re sick it’s important to keep your environments as clean as you possibly can! Shower often, carry hand sanitizer, and wash your hands as often as you can. This not only keeps your germs from spreading to other people but also keeps them from reinfecting you! Another tip- replace your toothbrush when you feel better, as your sickness can linger there as well.

Being sick in college is the worst, but it’s treatable. Take the right steps and you should be feeling better by next week or even just a few days!

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