New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Three, two, one... RESOLUTIONS.

I can already hear it; "three, two, one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" How did another year already go by? Where did the time go?!

With another year heading our way comes the one thing we all try to prepare for: New Year Resolutions. My personal experience with these so-called "resolutions"? I stick to them for a week tops then tell myself I'll try again next year. Don't judge me, I know you all do the same thing.

So, how do we go about sticking to these goals (and I mean ACTUALLY sticking to them)? Here a few ways to start:

1. Make a list

Making a list lets you see how much you want to change or improve for yourself with the upcoming year. Writing it down also helps you organize your thoughts so you're not just leaving all these potential resolutions sloshing around your noggin'. By seeing what you want to work on for the New Year physically in front of you, you will be more likely to actually stick to it.

2. Don't put 300 resolutions on your list

Let's be real, whenever New Year's creeps around, you tell yourself a million different things you are going to stick with in order to better yourself. DON'T DO THAT. You're basically setting yourself up for failure. You're only human, so while you may want to change a lot in your life, you realistically can't change EVERYTHING!!! Instead, opt for two or three important goals or maybe one super in-depth challenge for yourself. Not only will you feel more sane as opposed to looking at a list of hundreds of problems you see in your life, but you will also be more likely to stick to your goals with the fewer you have.

3. Forgive yourself

It's not easy to reflect on yourself and how much you want to improve as a person, let alone actually trying to do it. So please, don't be so hard on yourself!! If you don't stick to your resolutions, IT IS OKAY. The fact you tried in the first place is reason enough to be proud of yourself. Pick yourself up and try again; just because the New Year is once a year doesn't mean you can't make resolutions for yourself at any other point throughout the year!

There is so much pressure at this time of year to "better" yourself and become this person you have always hoped to be. While striving to grow and improve as a person is important, it's also just as important to not lose sight of yourself and the amazing qualities that make you who you are. If you try and don't succeed, don't beat yourself up. The good thing about New Year's? You can try again every year.

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11 Feminist Halloween Costumes You Don't Need Cleavage To Feel Sexy In

If you’re looking for the most scandalous outfits to wear this Halloween, this may not be it.

If you're a socially conscious f eminist, you'll know sexy shouldn't be defined by anything other than what you make of it.

However, when most people type in "sexy Halloween costumes" into their search engine, they might be looking for tight bodysuits or something that shows a little more cleavage. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not knocking out bunny ears or mesh tights. However, it might be time to stretch what that definition means.

I've gathered a few costume ideas that are sure to make a statement this Halloween while representing some of the most iconic women of our time. So, here are the ten best Halloween costumes for forward-thinking women like us!

1. Rosie the Riveter

Who better to show that we are equal and can do a “man’s job” just as good (or better) than Rosie the Riveter? This outfit is bold and inexpensive. You may even have this in your closet!

2. Marilyn Monroe

"I am very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.”

More proof that you can be beautiful in pants or a dress. Embrace the beauty within.

3. Taylor Swift

“I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life,” Taylor Swift said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Enough said.

4. Hillary Clinton

President or not I’m still with her. Just like feminists and activists before her, she has paved the way for modern women to stand up for themselves and have a voice.

5. Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony proved any woman could turn her dreams into a reality. She helped remove limitations and showed women to be fearless. Fast forward 97 years and women can achieve even more than. Yes, we still have more to accomplish, but we’re definitely nearing the horizon!

6. Amelia Earhart

Not only was she an American aviator, she was also the first woman to ever fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about goals. This Halloween, you can defy gender norms just like Amelia did.

7. Frida Kahlo

Surrealist painter Frida Kahlo explored the depths of her identity, culture, gender, class, love, and loss. Through her persona and her artwork, she defied feminine beauty and gender stereotypes in a time where women had few rights and were viewed as submissive. Who ever said you had to get your brows waxed anyway?

8. Birth Control

Hands off my birth control!

This might be sound a little kooky, but isn't that what Halloween is all about? This year, make it a point to express how you feel through your costume. Women need to stick together! So, let's dress up as birth control to remind the GOP we will not accept another restriction.

9. Wonder Woman

Adding Wonder Woman to our list was a no-brainer. She’s a crowd favorite, especially the way Gal Gadot represented her in the new movie.

Overall, Wonder Woman is a symbolic character that reminds us anyone can be a hero. The days when only little boys looked up to their favorite superhero are long gone. Now, kids and adults of any gender have a badass female superhero to fawn over.

10. Madonna

More than 30 years ago Madonna broke the barriers of what men wanted women to be. In a time where women were expected to follow certain rules, her attitude and bravery overcame those norms. Shoutout to "Hocus Pocus" for the inspo.

11. Rey from "Star Wars"

In "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Han Solo's new protégé Rey is loaded with martial skills anyone would admire. Daisy Ridley plays the franchise's first female protagonist with a strong feminist persona. Rey refuses to be defined as "just a woman" and is definitely no damsel in distress. Instead, she is a fighter, survivor, and all around badass.

This Halloween, don't just be brave. Be Rey.

Cover Image Credit: Beyoncé's Facebook Profile

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10 Disney Christmas Wishes That Will Add A Little Magic To Your Holiday Season

I'm sure if I really think about it, I have much more than ten; and I'm sure there are even more wishes far beyond the scope of my imagination.


This holiday season, I am visiting Walt Disney World with my entire family. I'm sure I will take lots of pictures and make a bunch of memories to share with you when I get back. However, I've decided that before I go, I would like to share with you my ten most important wishes for this trip. I'm sure if I really think about it, I have much more than ten; and I'm sure there are even more wishes far beyond the scope of my imagination.

1. Candy Apples

I have wanted a Disney candy apple for years now. At first, I couldn't enjoy one because I had braces. Then, I completely forgot to buy one. Then, I was talked out of spending my money on one. But this time, nothing will come between me and the chocolate/caramel/apple goodness.

2. Pin Trading with Mom

Pin trading has recently taken over my mother's life— and mine, to a lesser extent. I get the feeling that this time around, we will become even more immersed in the world of pin trading. Specifically, this time I will buy the pin of Wendy Darling trying to kiss Peter Pan.

3. Star Tours

I will forever look forward to Star Tours, and nothing can ever change that. Here's hoping that next time, I get to be the rebel spy!

4. Toy Story Land!

Toy Story was my first favorite movie ever! So to say that I've been dying to see Toy Story Land with my own eyes is a massive understatement. I've deliberately avoided videos about this expansion to the park, so I know I will be delightfully overwhelmed.

5. Epcot with Joseph

My brothers have never been to Epcot. I remember throughout my time at Epcot, I kept saying that my brother Joseph would really appreciate things. I'm really looking forward to experiencing bits of foreign cultures with him.

6. Revisiting Animal Kingdom

I haven't been to Animal Kingdom in a while, so I'm excited to go back! I am an admirer of giraffes, so hopefully I'll see lots of those.

7. Small World with Grandma

My grandmother is probably the biggest fan of the Small World attraction. Getting to experience that with her would probably be the most precious moment of the entire trip, to be honest.

8. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I am so excited for the Christmas party! I can't even think about this part of the trip, I'm so excited. I really hope I get the opportunity to take a picture with lots of characters at the party.

9. Fantasmic!

Fantasmic! Is my absolute favorite thing at Disney World. I don't think I can ever adequately describe how mindblowing that show is— you just have to see it.

10. Seeing the Fireworks with My Whole Family

The fireworks are always spectacular. And with my whole family there with me, they will be more spectacular than ever.

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