Conservation Of Money And The Environment
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Save Your Money and The Environment

Some ideas on how to increase the green in your life.

Save Your Money and The Environment

Not all heroes wear capes, and lucky for you, you can become a selfish hero. I've devised a few ways for you to not only save your money, but in doing so, you can help treat the planet in a kinder way. Consumption is a big thing today, and quite frankly, all this consumption hurts your financial and environmental future. These solutions are very easy to do, and you don't need to apply all of these steps in your life, just pick a couple of them to live by.

Stop Buying So Many Clothes

Whether you're shopping online and see the cutest outfit for 20 dollars, or you're at Target and they have a sale on all the sweaters, refrain from buying it unless your closet absolutely lacks this type of item. Don't skip buying a sweater if you don't have one, but if you already have a collection, just skip the purchase. Yes, the low price almost makes it feel like you're spending nothing, but 10 here, 30 there, 20 more there can quickly add up. Manufacturing these cheap clothes means factories are working harder, ultimately pushing out more pollution into the environment.

Switch Up Your Transportation Habits

Gas money is expensive and so are vehicle repairs. When possible, use public transportation, or a bicycle, or car pool with your work friends. Carpooling or public transportation means less vehicles on the road and a lower consumption of petroleum. And using your bike for short trips means you get in exercise and completely avoid depending on petroleum.

Get Into The Great Outdoors

Go out and appreciate nature. That might make you feel more connected to nature, and through that closeness you will feel a bigger psychological push to preserve that nature. You will also save money by doing cheaper activities instead of something financially consuming like going to the movie theater.

Home Garden

Buy some seeds or recycle the bottoms of your lettuce and the avocado seeds. Grow some mint and basil and whatever your heart desires. There are many plants you can grow indoors if you live in an apartment. You can't base your entire kitchen on this lifestyle, but you'll reduce your grocery budget while also depending less on the store. Don't forget, all those fruits and vegetables have to get to the store one way or another.

Plan Ahead With Your Tech Purchases

There's a new iPhone coming out every month, I swear! Take good care of your tech so you don't have to toss yours away with every new release. Your phone was once the most appealing thing to you on the market. Obviously when your phone needs to be updated, don't skimp on it. But the shiny new toy doesn't always need to be in your hands. Save the money for travel or for next month's rent. As for the environment, you'll be helping by not supporting over production through factories.

If It Breaks, Fix It

There are some things that break or damage far beyond repair. But when you have something broken but fixable, work on it. It becomes a DIY, you can save money by not having to replace it, and it wastes less.

Avoid Online Shopping

The most convenient thing is to shop online. You can access the entire world, things you didn't know you wanted become things you think you need. Plus when the package arrives, it feels like a gift. In-turn, there's so much over indulgence because of the endless options. Unless it's cheaper online or can't be bought in-person, I recommend staying away from it when looking to save money. The shipping packaging is also damaging to the environment with all of the extra material that goes into protecting your items.

Be Water Savvy

When using your water faucets, don't blast the water out and find a lighter setting. When brushing your teeth, turn the water off until you are about to rinse. This will conserve water while lowering your water bill.

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