4 tips for recover from the Holidays

The festive spirit of the Holidays can lead to an excess of delicious baked goods, sugary cocktails and Christmas movie marathons. Who can resist the temptation of cozying up on the couch with an array of gingerbread men and a sweet batch of eggnog? Despite the excitement for Santa Claus' arrival, embracing Christmas cheer can pollute your health and wellbeing. Here are 4 tips to help you recover from the Holidays.

1. Load up on fruits and vegetables. 


Consuming fruits and vegetables that are well-supplied with water and nutrients are quite effective in de-bloating the body and detoxifying the system from junk food. Foods like celery, apples, cantaloupe, and cucumbers are dense in healthy vitamins and minerals that will with bloat and congestion. Be sure to make small, gradual adjustments to your daily diet as a dramatic change will upset the body and do more harm than good.

2. Break a sweat. 


Getting your heart rate up and exercising will benefit your energy levels and endorphins. Gentle workouts are recommended as you do not want to over-stress and strain the body and their respective muscles. Call up a few of your buddies or gather your familial relatives to create a fun exercise group.

3. Have some "me" time. 


If the holidays welcome a stressful time for you and your family, now is the time to decompress and dedicate yourself to "me" time. Indulge in a bubble bath, drink some herbal tea or watch a funny television show. Any method that will help you relax and destress will catalyze the development of a clearer state of mind.

4. Clean up. 


The act of cleaning in the physical and mental sense will also help you in destressing. Whether you re-organize your closet or start getting ready for the upcoming academic semester, establishing a cleaner workspace will help you recover from the lazy ennui of the post-holiday slump. Start journaling to document your wellbeing and intimate thoughts.

Happy New Year! Make it your best one yet.

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