How To Order In A Drive Thru

As someone who has unfortunately been dealing with customers in a fast food drive-thru for 7 years now, I've had more than my fair share of weird experiences and annoying situations.

But these 10 things seem to happen way more than they should. Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful to have a job and enjoy talking to customers and helping them most of the time, however, refraining from doing these things in a drive-thru will increase the quality of your customer service and make the experience easier for everyone. Trust me.

1. Yelling "hello" repeatedly when we don't respond in 0.2 seconds.

This is the absolute worst. I swear I hear people saying this in my nightmares because it happens so often. Yes, I'm here. And yes, I can hear you. Chances are I'm running around doing 50 other things in the process, but yes, we're listening and we got your order. Please stop yelling "hello."

2. Changing how you want your food made after it's already been made.

*Handing out your bag* "Oh and could I get no sauce on that sandwich?" Well I wish you would have said that BEFORE we put the sauce on it Karen.

3. Having a cell phone conversation while you are ordering.

I'll start asking questions and clarifying the order and then they'll say, "I'm not talking to you!" Then they start ordering and get mad because I wasn't listening. Oh, you're talking to me now? Sorry,you could have mentioned that.

4. Adding on complicated or long-wait items at the window.

If it's to the point where we are handing out your food and ready to send you on your way and then you decide you want to add on freshly made chicken tenders and 4 large chocolate shakes, you are the worst type of person and everyone is annoyed with you.

5. Knocking on the service window when you need something after you got your food.

Oh my goodness this grinds my gears. I promise we're coming back in just a second for the next person anyway, so don't act like we never would have seen you. Please. Do. Not. Touch. My. Window.

6. Ordering $60+ worth of food in the drive thru and holding up the line instead of coming inside.

Come on man, seriously? It's such a pain when people place gigantic orders in the drive thru and expect it to be out instantly. Please just use some common courtesy and come inside to order.

7. Not specifying your drink.

Am I just supposed to guess? If you don't tell me what you want I'll just assume it's water.

8. Yelling "HOW MUCH IS IT?" while we are still ringing in your items.

Hold your horses lady I'm typing it in. We all know you're not going to have your money ready when you get to the window anyway.

9. Asking questions about what is on the menu when it is right in front of you.

There is literally a giant sign that shows you exactly what we have. Please, please, just read the menu. I am tired. (Unless you're old and can't see very well. But actually, you probably shouldn't be driving then.)

10. Asking what's on 50 different sandwiches when you know you have no intention of buying them.

Congratulations pal, now you've just increased your wait and wasted my time. Have a nice day.

Bottom line, please just be respectful of people who are serving you. Chances are, if you do that, you'll get the same thing in return.

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