Ah spring break, a time of revelry and shenanigans for college-aged youth. But what to do? How might one make the most of their time between stress-filled quarters? Here are some tips and tricks from yours truly:

1) Get off social media.

A lot of people use spring break as a time to show off how ~cool~ or ~fun and flirty~ they are when they should really be taking that time for what it is—a break. Get away from the crowds you’re so used to pleasing and focus on really taking a break from the hectic life you live in college. Getting off social media will also allow you to be really present in what you’re doing, and you’ll choose to do things because they’re fun to experience rather than because they look good through a filter.

2) Do something you’ve never done before.

Whether it’s just going to a restaurant you’ve always thought was cool but never had the guts to try, or if you’re doing something as outlandish as road tripping cross country with your bestie, spring break should be a time to challenge yourself! Read something you’ve always wanted to read, hang out with that cool person you always chat up behind the counter of the coffee shop, or even just go on a walk and take a new route home. You don’t have to be out of your normal environment to have a unique and eye opening spring break.

3) Don't put pressure on yourself.

If you are on social media or you go to an elite school like Northwestern, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of having a spring break to remember. You know, like the ones that everyone at NU seems to have in a foreign country or on their families' islands. As I said before, take the break you need. Whether that be hiking, exercising, Neflixing or whatever, put yourself and your break needs first.