How to make money on Esports betting
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How to make money on Esports betting

Arbitrage betting is a way of making safe bets, especially on Esports.

How to make money on Esports betting

Arbitrage betting is a way of making safe bets, especially on Esports. You can get stable and tangible income no matter the result of sports event. How it’s possible? Find out in our article

Arbitrage bets: everything you need to know

Arbitrage bet or surebet - arbitrage situations in betting that arise due to bookmakers’ odds difference on opposite outcomes of the event. This situation allows a punter to place bets in such a way that he get guaranteed profit no matter the result.

The reasons of such a situation appearance are different, but the common are bookmaker mistakes, slow reaction to changing the situation in the match and simple competition for new clients between bookies.

Perhaps, this information did not give you a clear understanding of what arbitrage betting is - therefore, let’s consider a clear example of how the strategy works.

Surebet example

Let’s take for example a Dota 2 Esports match between Outsiders and Talon. As you can see at the screenshot - one bookmaker set 2.57 for TO 30.5 Team 1 kills and the second - 1.87 for TU 30.5 Team 1 kills.

Having such data, we’ll place bets of 84.23$ on TO 30.5 and 115.77$ on TU 30.5 (200$ in total). And now we don’t need to worry about the final result, because we’ll get at least 16.47 of net profit:

2.57*84.23 = 216,47$ - 200$ = 16,47$

1.87*115.77 = 216,49$ - 200$ = 16,49$

Arbs: manual search vs surebet services

As you can see, surebets can surely bring a tangible and stable income. The main question here is how to search for arbitrage situations. Of course, you can search and calculate it by your own, but note that it’s very hard and time consuming process. That why punters more often use surebet services.

Surebet service - it’s a special software that analyses data from bookmaker lines and presents the complete list of arbitrage situations to its customers. Nowadays, one of the best products in this area is BetBurger.

The scanner analyse more than 200 bookies betting lines in 40+ kinds of sports and 210 markets. All the data updates in seconds, so the clients of BetBurger get wide range of fresh and tangible surebets to place.

Read more about arbitrage situations and the scanners:

Moreover, the user will have extensive functionality, including a surebet calculator, a menu for hiding surebets from the list, multifilters, an accounting tool for keeping records of rates and many other functions.

Above mentioned things - are not all the features of BetBurger software. E.g. the website of this service translated into more than 10 languages and the scanner analises many local bookmakers from the USA, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. It means, that you can always comfortly work here with familiar bookmakers.

In addition, not to mention the great educational section on BetBurger with a great number of articles. The experienced arbers will help you to learn all the necessary information about the strategy for a comfortable work with stable income.

To summarise

In our today’s article, we have considered a popular betting strategy, which called “surebets”. As you can see, this system can really bring you a stable and tangible income from Esports betting, but you have to seriously approach the learning the all of its nuanses and selection of software for your future work.

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