Now that you have read my "ways to love yourself" article that I published and you have been practicing these ways. I think it's time that you learn how to love others truly.

1. Understand how to accept the flaws of a person

This is the first thing to do when loving a person, whether they are a family member or a random person. You are able to understand the bad things that may be happening to that person. You are also able to understand the negative energies that may be coming from that person. In understanding these things, you become aware that they are present and you are able to accept them. This means that you don't get mad or react negatively to being around or experiencing these negative energies/circumstances.

2. Help turn the negatives into positives

After you understand and accept the flaws of the person, you then try to help them turn their negatives into positives. You also have to be able to accept the negatives that are not changeable and shine a positive light on them. For example, let's say that you are in a relationship and your partner is not able to communicate well because he has a stuttering problem. You may start to think of this as a negative thing and get a little frustrated. But try to think of it in a positive light. You can learn patience and gain an understanding of what their life is like.

3. Be able to love from a distance and accept the reality

This last way of loving a person — loving a person from a distance and accepting the reality — is sometimes the hardest thing. You have tried the previous two ways or steps and nothing seems to be changing and you see that the circumstances you are put in are causing you to love yourself less or have a negative effect on you for long periods of time. Then you have to be able to sit back and evaluate what is making you change.

Loving someone from a distance means that you are able to forgive them for the negative effects that they have on your life, and you are able to wish them nothing but positivity and healing. Doing this allows for you to go on with your life, and know that you did everything you could to help the person, but that you could not risk losing yourself.

After understanding this, you will realize that you have loved a person all that you could. Also, remember that you can never love a person unconditionally because you have a condition to love them and that's not losing yourself in the process of loving them.