How To Know A Boy Likes You

Boys. Whether they're five or 25 they'll do everything in their power to show that they like you... except for actually tell you that they like you. Been there, done that. Since boys take longer to mature, I decided that I would help you out by taking a look back to what it was like in the good ole days. I'm taking you back to middle school...

Here's 9 ways that boys tell you they like you in elementary and middle school.

The Yes/No/Maybe Note.

The most obvious of them all. If you got this, all you had to do was check a box and he was yours.

Spitwads - the only way to a girls heart.

Pulls your hair on the playground.

If a boy doesn't pull your hair, does he even like you?

Picks you first (of the girls) for his team.

They pick the boys first, but if you're the first girl to be pick for his team... well, its fate.

Shares his gum.

I don't even share my gum with my friends. I definitely didn't share it at all in middle school.

Gives you the good snacks.

His mom packed him the colored goldfish? You're getting some.

Steals your pencil.

Same thing as when he pulls your hair... but not as painful.

Buys you something from the school store.

Let's face it, if he buys you anything, he wants you to be his girlfriend.

Smiles at you and runs away.

For the boys who aren't all for inflicting pain on you, he just likes to smile at you.

Boys don't evole very quickly, so watch out for these signs next time you're on the lookout for a boyrfirned.

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