Going to college gives you freedom and independence. The first year of college is by far one of the most memorable, strange but wonderful years of your life. You're surrounded by strangers who quickly become some of your best friends. You're living with a roommate in a tiny dorm. You take care of yourself. You are completely on your own, it's terrifying but exhilarating.

Freshman year, I learned so much about myself: my goals, my passion, my likes, my dislikes. I gained more insight into the kind of person I want to be, I discovered the kind of people I want to be around and I realized the beauty of being on your own. Being a self-aware independent freshman comes with the perk of making your own lifestyle choices. I finished my first year of college four days ago and I already miss those perks. So I decided to write this guide on How to keep the college freshman in you alive this summer.

Step 1

Make sure you eat Cup of Noodles or Pizza Rolls for as many meals as possible. That's the way we eat in the dorms on meal plan so if you really want to keep that going during the summer this is an important step.

Step 2

Procrastinate on anything you possibly can. Got summer classes? Leave that online test until the last minute. Got a summer internship? Leave the paper sorting until the very end of the day. Got your parents nagging you to clean your room? Make sure to wait until they are leaving work to start cleaning in order to feel the genuine paranoia of procrastinating.

Step 3

Go to the library just to watch Netflix. This is the best and most common form of procrastination. Hey, maybe even if you aren't procrastinating just go to the library to watch your favorite Netflix series just for old times sake.

Step 4

Mooch as many free meals as possible off of your family. You might be home working this summer, but instead of wasting your own money, spend some time with your family by going out to fancy restaurants and ordering the most expensive meal so you eat well for free!

Step 5

Take those daily naps. If you aren't napping in college you are not doing it right. Keep up with that napping schedule over the summer so you can dream about freshman year and be able to keep that nap schedule when you go back for sophomore year.

Step 6

As if your sleeping schedule isn't messed up enough from napping, be sure to stay up until 3 a.m. All good freshman do that, whether it's cramming for a test, writing a paper or watching Netflix. Lucky for you, since it's the summer time, you get to stay up until 3 a.m. just watching Netflix.

Step 7

Missing having a roommate? No problem! Cure your loneliness by having lots of sleepovers with friends. Or just drag your mattress into your siblings' of parents' room so they can keep you company while you snooze.

Step 8

Do your own laundry. This step is to keep your self-reliance in check and help out your parents. Prove to them you know how to sort, wash, and fold that laundry. Trust me it'll impress them. Maybe even wash your own dishes. Wow! That'd leave them in pure awe.

Step 9

Wear your comfy clothes in public. College students are notorious for going to classes in sweatpants, workout clothes or any kind of comfy clothes that require little effort. For instance, I wear Birkenstocks and socks when it's cold rather than closed toed shoes because really, who wants to tie them? Comfy shoes and little effort. That's the key to college attire.

Step 10

Most importantly keep your new-found independence. Maybe sit down with your parents and tell them how you've become more responsible. Negotiate that curfew. Find a summer job. Do something so that you keep the brand new you alive and well.

Congrats to everyone who has finished their freshman year! Enjoy summer, you've earned it.