If You Don't Know What To Say, Here's Are 25 Ways To Be There For A Friend Who Needs You

If You Don't Know What To Say, Here's Are 25 Ways To Be There For A Friend Who Needs You

Because actions always speak louder than words.


It's the season of change.

Whether it's in the leaves, the weather, or our personal lives, it's natural to be in the middle of an evolving time. We all fight our own daily battles and sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to check up on the people who mean the most to us. As we may be experiencing our uphill climbs, the people who we love could be facing their own personal Everest. You may be asking yourself, well what can I do?

The unique thing about problems in our own lives is they are personalized to our selves, which can make understanding someone else's hardship more difficult. Sadly, we are all not gifted with the ability to say the right thing at the right time to help our friends.

Even if you're at a loss of comforting words, that doesn't mean you are helpless and unable to be a good friend. Instead of sitting with your hands behind your back, here are some things you can do that silently say all the right things to the friend who needs to hear it the most.

1. Randomly text a paragraph saying all your favorite things about them.

2. Handwrite a card featuring an inspirational quote or Bible verse.

3. Take the time to watch their favorite television show or movie and discuss it with them in order to get their mind on something new. 

4. Email a link to a blog post that discusses similar things they are going through.

5. Surprise them with their favorite candy.

6. Tag them in funny videos on Facebook or Twitter.

7. Pick up the tab at lunch.

8. Bring them their favorite coffee in the morning.

9. Invite them over for a relaxing night in.

10. Offer to simply be there for them and listen to what's going on.

11. Provide a good hug.

12. Bake them some cookies or offer them to come over and bake with you.

13. Drive them to a local animal shelter to volunteer and play with puppies.

14. Have a movie night with a blanket fort.

15. Take a walk in the city together to talk about everything going on.

16. Clean their dishes for them or any little domestic chores to make their life easier.

17. Plan a dinner with all of your friends at their favorite restaurant.

18. Offer to take something off of their plate and do it for them. For example: Get their car washed or pick up their dry cleaning.

19. Make sure they're getting out of the house and offer to simply take them for a drive or to the grocery store. 

20. Bring them flowers.

21. Remind them how much God loves them.

22. Bring over chocolates.

23. Be patient with them and understand they may not feel like themselves to do things you usually do together.

24. Remind them how much they are loved and how they are not alone.

25. Finally, simply be there for them whenever they may need you and listen to what they may really need during this difficult time. 

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To The Man Who Will Ask Me To Marry Him One Day

I'm not just starting a new chapter with you, but with my entire life.

I'm afraid to think about my future. I'm not afraid of having a family or having a successful career or continually growing into a better person. I'm afraid to think of the man who will ask me to marry him one day.

I see how hard it is to make marriages work in our society today. I always looked at my parents who have such a strong, pure love. My dad always gives my mom the last shrimp on the plate even though I know he wants it. My mom will convince him she's full when I know she's not. You know it's love when food is involved.

So to the man who will get down on one knee...

Know that my hand will probably be shaking. I'll most likely start crying, and you'll be wondering if it's a good cry or a bad one. (It's a good one.) I'll hopefully say yes and go home to tell my parents, but hopefully they'll already know because you asked my father for his blessing first. I'll stay up all night thinking about my life and how I ended up here, with you. I'll imagine the day we get married more clearly now and the family I know we'll start soon after.

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To the man who will ask for my hand in marriage...

Know that this day is scary for me. I know it's scary for you too — you've been preparing for this day. Thinking about the perfect location, the ring, how to ask my family... how to ask me. While you're down on one knee, asking if I'll spend the rest of my life with you, and I hesitate to answer you, just know it's because every single girl has dreamt of this day for their entire life. They imagine what their wedding will be like starting when they're a little girl. And to me, this day is something I never saw coming because life went by so quickly.

I often found myself telling my parents how I wanted to stay young. I didn't want to rush growing up because I couldn't imagine being someone else's girl. I never liked changed because changed scared me. I always said, "I won't be getting married for at least another 15 years! There is no need to stress about it." Now I'm 22 years old, everyone around me is getting married, and I find myself knowing in my heart that I'm not too far from that day, from my future. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm grown up and things are changing. When you ask me to marry you, just know that in more ways than one, this day is overwhelming. I don't just start a new chapter with you, but with my entire life.

To the man who plans to make me his wife...

I will be a good wife to you. Please know that. I will love you, protect you, fight for you, die for you, help you, be good to you. I'll give you everything I can manage to give because I know you'll do the same. You'll be my husband, and I'll be your wife. We'll be a team for the first time for us both, and I know we'll be one hell of a team.

To the man who will ask me to marry him one day...

Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the entire world.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I'm Always Stressed Out

What even is stress and why do I have so much of it?


By definition, stress is a "state of mental or emotional strain or tension." This feeling of stress, though, is something I sadly feel almost every day of my life and I've been this way for years. There's always something I'm worried about or something I need to get done that it feels like I can't even catch a breath.

I make lists in my head of everything I need to do within the next few weeks or years, and that list never stops growing. The stress only intensifies as you get older, and the ways people seem to cope gets darker.

In high school, I remember some of my biggest stressors were the SATs, getting my license, and having my first ever part-time job. While those are no longer stressors for me, college has brought on new ones. Maintaining a social life, getting good grades, making money and finding jobs, going to the gym, taking time for myself, etc. are all weighing on me, and I'm surprised I haven't crumbled.

Whenever I hear people say they've been stressed out lately, I just think to myself that I can't remember a day where I wasn't stressing about something. Maybe it's my anxious mind or the pressure I put on myself, but stress is my middle name at this point.

I'm really trying to find ways to relax my mind. I think it's sad that we live in a world where we work all day long and come home to have a glass of wine and repeat it all the next day. Becoming an adult is proving to be difficult for me, but I have no choice but to continue moving.

I'm going to try to reduce my stress by realizing that there's only so much I can do right now. I worry too much about the future that it ruins my present. I won't let stress win because it's what makes life so unenjoyable. I need to start limiting the amount of pressure I put on myself by worrying only about what's important right now; all the stress about the future can wait until further down the line.

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