Technology is becoming more innovative each day. There is a new app, cell phone, and Apple product on the market each week. Many companies are focusing their hiring process using technological resources. Skype is a major tool that companies are using to hire new employees. It is an efficient way for companies to learn about a potential employee in an economical and short span of time. In the past, companies would bring their candidates in-house for interviews, but it was costly. With Skype interviews, there is no food, transportation, or hotel expenses.

It is extremely difficult to seem appealing on the Skype camera to a possible employer. The camera does not showcase your features compared to a one-on-one interview in person. It is important to let the interviewer get a sense of your personality in a positive manner. Showing who you really are through the lens of a camera sounds harder than you think.

I am a student majoring in Communications and I am currently taking an effective public speaking course. My first major assignment was to learn how to properly handle a Skype interview to get us prepared for hunting for jobs. We practiced calling each other in class and watched demonstrations. Our class learned several tips and tricks based off of our Professor's own real-life experiences with Skype interviews.

The assignment required my Professor to call us at a set time. If we did not answer the call, then we would fail immediately. I was shocked at first when I learned that I could possibly fail for not answering the Skype call. Then I realized that in the business world there are no second chances. There is always someone just as talented as you, if not better, ready to take your place. I was scared that I would have technological difficulties and miss my Skype call. My Professor was to ask several basic interview questions and then creative and abstract questions to see if I could handle them.

There must be a profile picture that should most likely be a headshot for your Skype account. Your account information should include a quick bio about yourself and how individuals can contact you. Do not put too much information about yourself.

My class was introduced to this assignment on the first day of class by my Professor. She was going to teach us the basic tips and tricks in class, but it was up to each student to prepare far in advance. It was important to think about what you were going to say that would set you apart from your competition, or my classmates in this circumstance. I decided to prepare several questions ahead of time and make a Quizlet. I wrote down my responses and had several friends ask me these questions so I could prepare. Make sure not to sound too stiff and rehearsed. Practice using the voice you plan to use during your interview.

Do the research and prepare. Get to know who your interviewer is and what the company you are applying to is all about.

It is crucial to learn the setting to your Skype interview. Where can I find a quiet place I can hear my interviewer and not cause any distractions? The setting must be professional. No dorm rooms, bathrooms, or kitchen tables. There must be no other noise.

Make sure to look your best! It is significant to dress professionally. You only get one first impression. You are on camera so wear something that is modest and professional. I wore a simple blazer with professional pants. Do not wear something too flashy or it will wash you out.

Do not look at yourself in the corner of the screen. Make constant eye contact with the camera on top of your device. If you do not do this, then your interviewer will view you constantly looking down.

Introduce yourself. Do not just say hello. Maintain a nice flow with your interviewer and smile. Ask how your interviewer is doing and maybe try to bring up a current event to get the conversation started. Answer each question fully and have your answer be clear for the interviewer. Stay organized and allow your interviewer to ask the questions that need to be asked. Say thank you to your interviewer for taking the time to interview with you. After your interview has concluded, you MUST send a thank you to your interviewer via email within the next one to three hours.