The Best Way To Handle Rejection

Rejection stings, it bites, it paralyzes. More often than not it leaves you with more questions than answers. It can suck the glow right out of your eyes.

I am a fan of rejection. Getting turned down by your crush, not getting picked for the kickball team, not getting that sweet gig, etc....These all teach us something about ourselves... they teach us, that despite whatever stories we make up in our head, we are most likely NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I know this doesn't mesh well with our modern "Kumbaya" philosophy about how we should treat ourselves and frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

I feel, in my heart of hearts, that the best way to deal with rejection is to get angry. Not lash out angry, not revenge angry, but laser focused angry. Angry, nay, pissed that someone else was chosen over you...pissed that someone is better than you. Especially when it comes to your career, whether it be within a certain industry or the sports world...If being the best at what you do means something to you, then I suggest you stop making excuses for being passed over for that dream job or that spot on the starting lineup.

Embrace the jealousy that will surely cover you like oiled up plastic wrap. Let it burn. You didn't get that gig? Throw away any conspiracy theories as to why you didn't land the job. Assume someone deserved it more, assume that someone out there is working harder than you, assume they wanted it more. Now, get to work.

I don't care if you think you're the best at what you do, you're never the best. You can look at this two ways...either you give up, because you're not the best and never will be OR you can assume that when I say "you'll never be the best" that I'm talking out of my ass and I know nothing about you. Chasing perfection gets a bad rap, but I think its romantic. Go on the best at what you do. Wake up, put in the work, study, practice, repeat. Obsess about your rejection.

Don't let the anger control you, but be willing to walk the line between genius and insanity. Focus it, like a laser, on the task at hand, the end game.

"Don't do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts" - Henry Rollins

Hate rejection, but embrace it and use it. Get angry. Push yourself.

"Be so good they can't ignore you" - Seth Godin

Next time, make sure they can't ignore you.

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