How To Handle Friendship Breakups
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How To Handle Friendship Breakups

Friendships can last a timeline, but some friends are only around for a certain time period.

How To Handle Friendship Breakups

Friendship is important in our lives. We need someone around us who will keep us accountable for our actions, who we can confide in, and who will support us through our ups and downs. When the foundation cracks in a friendship, it can be difficult to repair it.

When it comes to friendships, they may either last for a lifetime or survive for a short season in life. So how should we handle the end of a friendship? Do we go over to their house and start demanding our clothes back? Do we cut them off and continue on with our lives? It's tough to say at this point. No matter what you do, you can call it a friendship breakup. A friendship breakup is a simple way to describe the end of a friendship.

If a friendship ends, it can be awkward to come into contact with one another. One person may be upset while the other one seems to continue on with no worries. I won't lie, it can be frustrating. Especially if it seemed like the friendship would never end.

So, how should we move forward?

It's up to each person. People handle situations differently. In my own experience, I have not handled some friendship breakups the best way. Either I was upset or hurt by the situation, or it was a relief to remove a negative person from my life. Also, sometimes the friendship breakup was not my fault; some people are only meant to be around for a certain time period.

What if we don't know how to fix the friendship?

This is also tricky to explain. First, it takes two people to fix the friendship. It should not be one sided. Second, both people need to listen to both sides of the situation. If one person gets to explain how they feel but the other person does not, then it is not fair and will not solve the problem. Each person should explain how they feel. If both people are willing to recover the friendship, then they should talk about how to move forward and avoid another situation similar to the past one.

What if the friendship is beyond repair?

Honestly, if both people want to fix the friendship, I believe it can be repaired. I believe most relationships can be repaired through prayer and patience. However, it will not help if one person lies to fix the friendship and then goes back to the same actions as before. I've done this before, and it has affected the friendship. Unfortunately, I was unable to fix the situation. Now, I will add a disclaimer: if you are dealing with a person who is not helping you progress in the friendship, or they put you down instead of lifting you up, then you should not continue dealing with them. Everyone is valuable and no one should be misused by another person.

Final thoughts:

Although I am writing this article, I am not an expert at friendship breakups. I do not have all of the advice. After spending so much time debating with others about how to deal with a friendship breakup, I felt it necessary to write an article about it. When I went through a situation like this, I needed a way to understand how to either fix the friendship or leave it. Also, I am not a perfect friend. I have not done all the right things to fix every past friendship, but no one will get it right every time. We live and we learn.

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