I Grew My Hair 6 Inches In 6 Months, And Here's How

I Grew My Hair 6 Inches In 6 Months, And Here's How

It's all about the horse shampoo.

Don't worry if you're the kind of girl who grows your hair out because you're trying to get that perfect Rapunzel look and then impulse cut your hair and regret it instantly. This is me and I have unfortunately been on this vicious cycle for years.

September- November

November 22, 2017

When I went home for Thanksgiving break I decided to impulsively cut it because 1. I'm crazy and 2. it was getting pretty dead and I wanted it to be healthy and easy to manage during school. As soon as I got my haircut I absolutely loved it and fell in love with having this length of hair. I have always felt that shorter hair made me look more mature and put together.

As I always do, I began to regret my haircut within a few weeks of getting it cut once my crazy, frizzy curls returned and it no longer looked sleek and like I came right out of the salon. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, my hair grows extremely slow so here as some tips and tricks I've learned and implemented and my progress so far.

1. Horse shampoo

Ya that's not a typo, I use horse shampoo. The most common one on the market is called "Mane and Tail" like on a horse. You can buy it at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Rite Aid, and Target. Its a lot more common than you may think if you haven't heard of it. Basically, the idea is that this shampoo and conditioner is infused with a lot more nutrients and vitamins than normal human hair shampoo because horses have more coarse hair. There are 3 different kinds of the shampoo that you can use but I find the "Herbal Gro" to be the best and has the best smell. Don't forget conditioner!!

2. Brush your hair

Another thing that I've learned to try is brushing your hair as much as you can. This may not work very well for us fluffy haired girls but before you go to bed make sure to brush through your hair a few times to eliminate any dead hairs and pull on the roots a little bit to get your hair growth started. I've also heard if you brush your hair upside down it can be even more effective, haven't incorporated this into my routine.

3. Don't wash your hair

I know this is much easier said than done but one of the best ways to get your hair to grow quickly is to allow your hair's natural oils to accumulate and do its work. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner all the time strips your hair of the oils it needs to grow. I wash my hair every other day but if you can make it longer, power to you.

4. Consistent trims

Many professionals recommend getting consistent trims to keep your hair as healthy as possible even though this seems rather counterintuitive since the goal is to get it even longer. This helps you ensure that as your hair grows it's not getting split ends so it's both long and healthy.

5. Heat protectants

There are many out on the market and honestly, any is better than none. Applying a heat protectant before using a curler or straightener can save you from having damaged and broken hair that will inevitably need to get cut. If you can avoid using heat products at all then that's even better. I only use heat tools for special occasions now to try to save myself from split ends. This heat protectant is my favorite.

January- February

(1-2 months after)

There is usually a rather quick growth in hair within the first 2 months.

March- April

(3-4 months after)

As you can see over time the difference in length starts to plateau and it stays about the same length.


(4-5 months after)

The overall growth of my hair has continued slowly but surely but as compared to before it is a lot more healthy this time around and I see far less split ends than usual.

Cover Image Credit: Tera Lloyd

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11 Struggles Girls With Curly Hair Know By Heart

No, I actually would prefer if you didn't touch my hair, complete strangler.


Curly hair, a true blessing, and a curse. Some days, your curls look great and the result, you feel great! On the flipside, though, there are those days where you run out of conditioner, your curls are all over the place, and your hair tie snaps. Here are some struggles every curly girl knows all too well.

Also, just a little disclaimer, while there are a wide variety of curls in the world. I personally have around 3B hair, and these struggles are therefore a reflection off of that experience. This may not be fully representative of someone with a different curl pattern.

1. It looks way shorter

Fun fact, if you stretch a curl out they're actually a lot longer. In effect, it takes us way longer to grow out our hair.

2. Trying to run your fingers through it

Just don't do it, your hand will get stuck, your curls will get messed up. Overall, not a good idea.

3. Waking up not so glamorous

You know how in movies the girl will wake up with silky hair that she just has to run a brush through. Yeah, can't relate. When I wake up my hair looks a little bit more like it is trying to see if it can point in every direction possible.

4. Bangs...just don't work

They'll look different everyday since your hair will curl up differently.

5. Trying to brush your hair dry

With curly hair, you can literally do nothing with it unless it's wet. Trying to braid, brush, or style it when it's dry just doesn't work out.

6. Always running out of conditioner

Using about twice as much conditioner as shampoo is just part of having curly hair.

7. Taking hella long showers

When you wash your hair, you can expect to be in there for at least half an hour. Just wetting your hair takes forever, since it seems like you have to stand under the water for ten minutes just to get your hair fully soaked.

8. So. Much. Frizz

Maybe it's slightly humid, maybe you didn't put enough product in, maybe your hair is just in a mood.

9. What even is styling?

Growing up I always had huge hair envy when girls could put their hair into cute little braids and buns. While you can put curly hair into a few styles, it's a lot harder to braid.

10. It gets caught...on everything

Sunglasses, headphones, earrings, regular glasses, zippers, bra clasps. You name it, my hair has gotten caught in it. The best part is that it loops around the offending object, and it hurts like a b#tch to tear it out.

11. Always getting told to straighten it

It's funny because I'm constantly told how people 'wish' they had my hair. Yet, guess what I usually hear right after? "Why don't you straighten your hair?" "You should really straighten your hair" "You would look so pretty with straight hair." Well first off, it takes two hours, and then top that off with the fact that a drop of humidity makes it fluff up...I think I'll take a pass.

So yeah, curly hair has a lot of problems. But you know what? People have been using curlers and getting perms all throughout history, so just think some people take hours to get what you were born with!

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