How To Get Away With Thanksgiving: As Told By Annalise Keating
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How To Get Away With Thanksgiving: As Told By Annalise Keating

The meal no one wants to be ill-prepared for.

How To Get Away With Thanksgiving: As Told By Annalise Keating

Everyone's standards for Thanksgiving are high. The turkey must be moist, the stuffing must be accompanied by gravy, and don't get me started on the pumpkin pie. Everyone, whether they will admit to it or not, needs to be prepared for this feast, otherwise, well. Let's have Annalise Keating ("How To Get Away With Murder") take it from here.

As far as family goes, this is the first time you're seeing them in a while. You're back from college, life is busy, the holidays are sacred. But when it comes to the feast, you question: Who's really here for me, and who's really just here for my mom's cooking?

If you are dubbed with the feast preparation, you better be ready. Beware, with this responsibility comes critique. You may be hearing little comments from your grandma (traitor) or even the subtle notice of family not touching your stuffing after the first bite. So when it comes to the feast ...

And I'm talking really good.

Now on to the Thanksgiving banter. Of course, all of your family will be dying to know about your life at school, but what they're really curious about is if you've found that special someone yet. Family loves to gossip, but when you tell them you haven't, get ready ...

Not to mention the classic school talk you're guaranteed to have. Haven't figured out what you want to be yet? Expect some looks ... be ready to own your indecision.

When the feast is ready and everyone's about to load up their plates with mouth-watering food, someone always suggests a prayer. Now, you could go along with it, buuut the thought of the food getting cold is sometimes too much to bear.

What I've learned the most from Thanksgiving is no matter how hard you try, or how much the food rocks, there will always be that person that's disappointed. Have you noticed there's always someone that's already comparing this to Christmas?

I mean, c'mon. How are you supposed to compare your slaved-over feast to getting presents from a fat guy in a red suit? You just don't, and they'll be sure you know it.

No matter how this Thanksgiving goes, you will get through. Persevere, brave souls. Because once you get through it, and your tummy is stuffed to the brim, you will find no better comfort than to put yourself to bed and let your turkey-itis take over.

Here's to the dreamers of a successful Thanksgiving and of the leftovers you get to eat the next morning.

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