4 Easy Ways to Cut Off A Toxic Friends

4 Easy Ways To Cut Off A Toxic Friend

Here are 4 easy tips to simplify the severance.

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As the saying goes "shit happens". Someone who you thought was a good buddy turned out to be an insidious rat, starved of self-esteem and drunk off of jealousy. You are constantly riding various waves of anger and frustration, confused about the next step you should make.

Cutting off a toxic friend can be a long and difficult procedure. Here are 4 easy tips to simplify the severance.

1. Block him/her on social media.


Cleaning out your feed is vital to the healing process. Social media's effect can be subliminal, a lingering force that can be manipulative in controlling self-esteem. Blocking all accounts will catalyze the healing process, as the negative obsessive thoughts begin to cease.

2. Spend quality time with family and friends.


Hanging out with family members will remind you about healthy relationships. Talk about what you're going through and ask them for advice. Having toxic friendships is a common occurrence, so opening up to the ones you truly love will give you some sort of peace of mind. Go out to your favorite restaurant or plan a fun trip with everyone to help distract you.

3. Vent and rant in various ways.


Expressing your feelings is direct catharsis, a maneuver that can significantly uplift your mood and your life. Writing out your emotions on a daily basis will maintain a stable recovery process, illustrating a physical documentation of the current situation. Releasing anger and frustration through exercise will also facilitate a healthy psychological liberation.

4. Indulge in yourself.


Invest some time in your favorite activity or buy material items that will temporarily make you feel better. Although the recovery process may be long and painful, provide intention and devotion to self-care. This will help distract you from the unfortunate circumstance and protect your mental health in the long-run.

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