How To Deal With A "Love Triangle"

I’ve never heard of the phrase “love triangle” until I took my first psychology class in high school. What it means is usually a romantic relationship that involves in three people. It can refer different scenarios: either being the third one or having two dating options. Regardless of which category you may fall into, a relationship like this has to be solved with tactics, the sooner the better. Here’re five advice that are helpful when dealing with this.

If you are the one who has two dating choices:

1. Make your decision

Although they may both possess something special that attracts you, you have to make your choice. Don’t listen to other people’s advice about who is a better fit for you. Simply follow your heart. Pick up the one that you love to be with, and don’t feel guilty to the other one in the meantime. It’s your life, and you should have faith on your instinct. The longer it drags out, the harder it is for you to make a relatively fair judgment.

2. Take your choice seriously

As long as you settle down your mind, you should take your girlfriend/boyfriend seriously. It’s better to cut off completely with another now “out-off-picture” person to show your respect and loyalty to your love. Don’t take the whole thing as gamble game, because you don’t want to hurt another person’s feeling.

If you are one of the dating choices:

1. Evaluate your opportunity

Even though he/she may have another choice, don’t panic. Try to test his/her attitude towards you by offering him/her chances of spending time with you. In this case, it’s not hard to see whether he/she is really into you or not. Additionally, most people like to share their secrets with their best friends or super close siblings. Being friends with these “key figures” can also assist you on winning your love. If those people around him/her are big fans of you, their compliments or likeness towards you should float into his/her ears automatically, and catch his/her attention.

2. Ensure your feelings

He/She may be the most favorable person in a certain period your life. However, no one is in perfection, and don’t see him/her as a god. As you grow up, you may find the mistakes made by him/her that you have ignored or failed to admit. You may find his/her is not as attractive as they’ve been in the past. It’s a normal thing. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure your own feelings: if you only adore how knowledgeable this person is, or you truly love him/her, and can accept who he/she is. The latter one is more likely to be a “romantic relationship”.

3. Don’t feel depressed when you’re not the one

It’s ok to be broken when someone doesn’t love you back. But it’s not an excuse for you being depressed. There’re tons of other options other than him/her. Keep being yourself and doing your best, and you’ll find someone who deserves you.

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