Anxiety has a tendency to take total control over someone's life--including their love life. Of course, your partner wishes this could magically disappear and have a happy-go-lucky, easy relationship like everyone else. With a little love and support from their partner, anxiety doesn't have to become a third wheel.

1. If they ask you to order for them, just do it.

Your significant other--as silly or easy as this may seem--may genuinely be really nervous and uncomfortable having to order their own food or answer a call. Save them the nervous sweats and do it for them, it takes little effort on your part but means a lot to them.

2. Be patient, consider their thought process.

Anxiety hinders everyday actions like starting a conversation, saying excuse me, and falling asleep. To someone without anxiety, things like this seem trivial and thoughtless, but someone who suffers from anxiety may worry about a small situation days before it even happens. Avoid saying things like "It's not that big of a deal" or "Here, it's so easy I'll do it." Although it's meant to be encouraging, it is usually the complete opposite.

3. Know what to do when an attack occurs.

Ask your partner what they need from you. Panic attacks are very scary and knowing how to react when one happens can really make your lover feel cared for and safe. Some people like to be held tight and have their partner help them focus on breathing, while others like to have their personal space. It's almost a guarantee that if you initiate a conversation with your significant other when they are calm and able to talk, they will surely appreciate it.

4. Reassurance, reassurance, reassurance.

One thing anxiety is great at doing is making you feel alone and question everything. By randomly letting your S/O know that you love, appreciate, and cherish them, you're about to clear their headspace and make them worry less... how cool is that? Let them know when you're driving and get home safely--I promise--when you aren't answering after a drive they think the worst.

5. Be present.

Be there for her. Of course, prioritize your life and your own mental health; however, if she calls saying she needs someone, ANSWER. Seriously, there isn't much that is more important than being an open ear and open heart for your partner, so respond when they need you. Offer a hug, a snack, an encouraging word. Whatever you can do to try and make them feel calm, go for it!

6. Encourage the good days.

Anxiety gives rise to good day and bad days. If they are having a good day and have the headspace to initiate a conversation on their own, let them know how proud of them you are! This is a huge deal for those who deal with anxiety. Tell them you think that they are doing great and encourage them to continue this good day streak. They will feel so supported! It's good to notice the attempts just as much as the dark times.

Seems overwhelming? If you genuinely love and care for your significant other, these steps to caring for their mental health will come naturally. Don't worry about doing it wrong, your significant other will notice the effort and that will mean the world to them. Just you reading this shows you care, so keep trying!